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Kardashian Fans Are Coming After Khloe On Her Latest Instagram Post

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff
By Liana Fletcher

It's no secret that the Kardashian-Jenner girls are usually the target of some harsh online matter what they post! Whether it's mom shaming, or lifestyle shaming, you can be sure to find a fair share of Internet trolls in the comment section of each Kardashian's Instagram page. Khloe Kardashian has recently come under fire for a post on her page; an advertisement for Febreze air fresheners. So what's the big deal? Well the commenters have laid out all of the issues that they have with this post.

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In her post, Khloe is photographed with bejeweled Febreze bottles (a lot of them too). Her caption states that she loves to use Febreze to freshen up the lines on her bed, and that the Downy scent is her favorite. Even though the initial influx of comments may have been positive, it didn't take long for the Internet trolls to strike! And even though the photos themselves may be a little extra, people were coming after Khloe based on what they think Febreze means as a brand.

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People started commenting on the harshness of the chemicals that Febreze uses in their products. Commenters were stating that they couldn't believe Khloe would use this products around herself and her daughter True. Many other's also stated that she should just wash her sheets if she wanted them to smell clean, that way they could actually be clean. People were also curious about how much the sister was paid to do the advertisement, surrounded in a bizarre boudoir style Febreze photo shoot.

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Let's be honest though, we all know that the Kardashian's make crazy amounts of money from the sponsored Instagram posts that they do. In 2018, Kourtney Kardashian revealed that she makes nearly $250,000 per sponsored Instagram posts. These sponsored post fees have helped the Kardashian to amass crazy amounts of money and followers. But some of the sponsorships have made fans raise their eyebrows; products with questionable ingredients, and some with health benefits that maybe aren't so healthy. But if the price is right...the Kardashians will make it work.

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Certain products have raised eyebrows among followers, mostly the flat tummy teas and any other "detox" products. Khloe advertised a flat tummy protein shake on her Instagram in 2019, showing off her own flat tummy in the photo as well. Fans are worried that she is not being transparent enough. Perhaps in addition to these shakes, Khloe works out everyday and has nutritious meals prepared for her as well. Either way, Internet trolls will always be there to come after the Kardashians, and they will keep posting!

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