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4 of Our Favorite Instagram Cats

Gettyimages | © copyright 2011 Sharleen Chao
By Savannah Hope

There's not a whole lot out there more enjoyable than scrolling through picturesque photos of cats on Instagram. Some of those kitties seem to live better lives than most of us, often being pictured traveling to exotic locations, getting spa treatments, and even meeting celebrities. It doesn't take much to find the world of social media cats; simply searching #catsofinstagram gives you enough adorable posts to waste a whole day away. If you want a few recommendations on the best feline accounts, you've came to the right place.

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Travel the World with Gary the Cat

Gary's owner describes him as a "domestic longhaired meowtain lion," and we describe him as downright freakin' adorable. Gary is a somber-faced gray and white ball of fluff who is often poised in front of breathtaking mountains, stunning forests, and other places that you'll probably never be cool enough to go to. To make Gary's Insta even better, the serious kitty is often posed next to his equally adorable canine companions. If you want to get your cat fill and marvel at some great nature scenes, Gary's feed is the place to go.

Call of the Wild With This Dynamic Duo

While you'll probably never pet a leopard or puma in your lifetime (and that's probably not generally recommended anyway), a bengal domestic house cat can get you pretty close. Here enters a lovely pair of kitties from Sweden, Prime and Raven. Their owner fondly refers to himself as the spoiled felines' servant, and his adoration for his pets are apparent through their stunning portrait-style photos on their feed. Raven, a sleek black bengal cat, is often featured with jaws open wide in true panther style.

Snuggle Up With Puu and Luu

Cats are basically the best snuggling partners on the planet, and this Scottish Fold/Persian Long Hair duo from Japan may just be the best. With adorably huge eyes, sweet little faces, and ever-so-fluffy eyes, Puu and Luu wll have you captivated for hours. Their owner frequently takes lovingly posed pictures that feature the snuggly kitties wrapped up in something soft and crocheted, and their feed will make your heart melt. If you want to feel cozy and snugly, Puu and Luu are the best cats of Instagram for you.

Have a Laugh with Benson the Cat

Benson's rise to fame can be credited to, besides his obvious adorableness, his owner's clever costumes and photoshoots that put Benson in a hilariously human setting. Proclaimed a gentleman in his Instagram bio, Benson makes us laugh with his hipster-esque beanies, glasses, and props. His themes have varied from holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day, to Star Wars, to Harry Potter. and we can't get enough of it. If you're looking for a kitty to make you laugh, then look no further than Benson's 'gram. We love you, Benson!

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