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Is It Possible Cole Sprouse Is Exiting 'Riverdale'?

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By Kaycee Wilson

Oh, Riverdale...a world full of murderous fathers, creepy long-lost brothers, cults, preppy kids with secrets, and a longstanding rival between father and daughter.

But, it couldn't possibly be anything more, could it?

Would the producers seriously consider killing off a main character just to further along the plot?

Fans of the hit TV series Riverdale have been wondering about the fate of a very important character ever since season three concluded with a very ominous promise of what was to come in season four.

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Jughead Jones, portrayed by famed actor Cole Sprouse, is supposedly dead. Or at least that's what producers want viewers to believe...right?

Through a whirlwind of episodes, the latest season of Riverdale has been nothing short of excitement, suspense, and of course, mystery.

As each episode came to a close during the early half of the season, audiences were allowed a snippet of a scene that took place in the future. And, none of them seemed very promising.

For starters, they foreshadowed Jughead Jones' death and pinned it on the four core: Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronia Lodge.

The cast of 'Riverdale'
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But why would Jughead's friends murder him? Furthermore, why and how would such an important character on the show be left to face such a gruesome end?

Not only is Jughead Jones a main character in Riverdale, but he's part of what makes up the Archie Comics. He also just so happens to be the narrator of the series - which naturally has viewers wondering how they producers could possibly kill off the very person explaining what happens in the show.

Skeet Ulrich in a black suit, Marisol Nichols in a black glimmering dress
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And though audiences don't want to imagine a Riverdale where Jughead Jones isn't in it, is it possible that Cole Sprouse could be preparing to exit the show and his character really is dead?

It was recently revealed that two of the show's characters were planning to leave come the end of season four. And, though they are in no way as significant as the four main characters (again, Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica), they still do in fact play important roles in the show.

Skeet Ulrich, who plays FP Jones in the show (also known as Jughead's father), and Marisol Nichols who acts as Hermione Lodge (Veronica Lodge's mother), are preparing to exit the show.

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Now, while the exit of Veronica's mother can be accounted for, Jughead Jones has no one other than his father (considering the one time his mother came to visit him she turned out to be conspiring against him).

But, with Skeet Ulrich preparing to leave the show and give up his role of FP Jones, is it possible that his leaving hints at the fact that his onscreen son is dead?

And if so, that would mean that Cole Sprouse is also exiting the show...right?

However, as these are only speculations, audiences are simply left to continue watching the story unfold as they eagerly await to discover the fate of Jughead Jones.

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