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$11,000 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket? Floyd Mayweather Can Show You What To Do With It

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In the mood to get some new sneakers? We suggest you head to New York City and the Flight Club. If you're lucky you can maybe get close enough to Floyd Mayweather to see what sneakers he's trying on. Floyd seems to shop at the venue quite frequently at the ultra-luxury store looking for the best sneakers money can buy. And you can believe us, Mayweather definitely has the money to go out and purchase anything he feels like buying.

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How Could Anyone Spend $11,000 On Sneakers?

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If you are Floyd Mayweather, then you simply got it like that. The former professional boxer has the financial means to buy what he wants when he wants. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native started his career in 1996. Before that he'd already collected several amateur titles including three Golden Gloves titles in three different weight classes. His amateur record was 84-8 by the time he felt ready to head to the professional side of boxing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Has Floyd Mayweather Always Been A Boxer?

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Although he has been heavily involved in promoting boxers, Mayweather has primarily been a boxer nearly all his life. In one interview he mentions that he's never really thought about another profession. The decision has definitely paid off for the boxer. He has received plenty of praise over the years for his particular style of boxing. Even the boxer's many critics have to admit that Floyd fights with a type of ferocity rarely seen in the sport even to today.

How Much Is Floyd Mayweather Worth?

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Only Floyd and his handsomely paid accountants truly know the answer to that question. There are lots of estimates floating around the internet about how much Mayweather is worth, so we'll see if we can throw our estimate into the mix. As far as we can tell, the Olympic bronze medal winner has earned at least one billion dollars just during the last decade alone. Mayweather himself has [confirmed being a billionaire] through several interviews. In his words, "That was easy".

So What Type Of Sneakers Can I Get For $11,000

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Well, that depends. If you happen to be shopping for sneakers at Flight Club with Floyd Mayweather, we would suggest you opt for some Nike Airforce 1 sneakers. We mean the good ones like Vlone x Nike Air Force 1 High, around $8,000, or maybe a pair of Air Jordan III OG for $4,500. Just remember, you're trying to keep up with the Mayweather here, not the Jones' next door. If you're gonna blow your money, do it with no shame.

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