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Robert Pattinson poses in front of a wall that reads "Dior"

Robert Pattinson Prefers His Life as a Dior Model Over His 'Twilight' Days

Gettyimages | Francois Durand
By Natalie Hunter

Robert Pattinson has notoriously expressed his dread over the hayday of the 'Twilight' franchise. It's no secret that Pattinson wasn't a big fan of the film and all the attention that he gained from crazed fans. However, Pattinson deflected some of the attention when he focused on his modeling career. He was hired to be the face of Dior's Homme and has been modeling for them for the past 8 years. He is now starting to get back to acting as Batman.


"I never thought we would be doing it for this long,” Pattinson admitted of modeling for Dior. Despite how much time he has given Dior, Pattinson is grateful for every second of it.

“No one was really working with brands on such a big level when I was approached," Pattinson told GQ magazine. "That said, it's been incredible and I've worked with directors that I wanted to do movies with anyway. I've been able to work with Jonathan Alric and Romain Gavras.”


He certainly prefers the time he spent with Dior over the 'Twilight' days.

“I have so many terror memories of the paparazzi. And I still don full-on protective armor, hood up, hat down,” he told the magazine.

Pattinson has been very candid about his dislike for the movie.

“A lot of stuff in the Twilight world doesn’t make any sense,” he saiid on WOIO news. "If it hadn’t been so successful, I think people would have thought it was really weird. It’s a really weird story. But I think once it becomes mainstream, it’s difficult for people to see how strange the story is,” he said to W later on.


“There’s nothing you can do about it. That’s the way it is," he said to Vanity Fair. "But it is weird being part of that, kind of representing something you don’t particularly like.” Adding, “God, I just really headbutted it.”

He also didn't understand the fan craze.

“I can’t really understand it even now,” he said in a separate Vanity Fair interview. “It does have an angle which is attached to something quite primal in girls. I guess people want it to define them, like, ‘I’m a Twilight fan.’ That’s crazy to me. I think people really just like being part of a crowd."


However, during a recent interview with USA Today, Pattinson has come to cope with most of the trauma and look at the experience fondly.

"It's lovely now that the mania is not so intense," Pattinson says. "People come up (to me) and just have very fond memories of it. It's a really sweet thing. I think the only scary part was right in the thick of it all, when it was very, very intense. Now the intensity has died down and it's just very warm memories."

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