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TI Outraged Over School Kidnapping, Calls For Action

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By Lacretia Roberts

T.I. has been gracing the screens of viewer television for years on series T.I and Tiny, The Grand Hustle and More.

Most recently the 'Dead N Gone' rapper starred as a judge on the Netflix premiere series, Rhythm and Flow.

As an intellect and reformed artist, T.I. has done profound work in the community.

In an effort to deter inner city youth from the path of defiance and criminal activity, he has used his stardom to motivate and encourage kids to pursue education, music and more as an alternative.

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Ever the family man, T.I. has shown his complete dedication and love for his own children with wife Tiny. Often giving brilliant and sometimes comical advice and guidance, it is clear that he highly values his family and is an involved father who knows best.

Musically, T.I. is quite the legend and has won 3 Grammys for his talented efforts throughout his career. He has advanced his work as a producer, author and even more, leading as a prominent staple in the rap and hip hop industry.

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It comes as no surprise that the multi talented rapper is very vocal about his thoughts and political views.

As an individual who has struggled with the law in his earlier years, it is also no secret that T.I. is no fan of police.

So when a viral video surfaced from Orlando, showing a young black child being handcuffed and placed into a police squad car with no justification, viewers worldwide along with T.I. had more than enough to say about the incident.

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Taking to Instagram and calling out to prominent community members such as Shaun King and even David Banner, T.I. states in an emotional post,

"Our children deserve better. This shit is DEPLORABLE !! I AM APOPLECTIC!! The entire staff at this school who allowed this along with the officers who carried out the unlawful abduction of this innocent child SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM ALL ACTIVE DUTIES IMMEDIATELY & HELD TO MAXIMUM ACCOUNTABILITY!! We as a community owe this child SWIFT ACTION & ULTIMATE JUSTICE!! Anyone with any answers,suggestions,leads,or direction to how I can be helpful in getting justice for this beautiful baby PLEASE HIT ME. If this was my child I'd be on my way to prison!! WE MUST PROTECT OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN!! By any means!! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE !!"

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The star goes on to voice,

"I'm LIVID! I'm not even involved or related to this baby & I FEEL LIKE I FAILED HER !! I'm soooo sorry this happened to you love... these people aren't fit to share the same air as you let alone be authorized to dictate or discipline your actions in ANY WAY!! Now They Themselves MUST BE DISCIPLINED TO THE MAXXX!!

Y'all deserve all the trauma and fear y'all caused this baby... #ONGOD WE MUST link up to bring IMMEDIATE JUSTICE to this family... HIT ME ASAP PLEASE !! Fuckin Cowards!!

While it is unclear why the officer found his actions appropriate, the footage of the incident is upsetting and difficult to hear as the young child pleads endlessly for her freedom.

The New York Times reports that the officer in question, much to T.I.'s favor, has since been terminated.

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