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Robert Pattinson at an event

Robert Pattinson Is Living The Life Right Now!

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Aja

Rising to stardom at the start of our acting career is an overwhelming experience. Pattinson wasn't ready for the fame that came with starring in a major film like Twlight. He certainly wasn't prepared to deal with the harassment of the press, either. These days, Pattinson seems more at home with his line of work. The actor has a handful of roles coming up, one of them including a Batman prequel. Let's hope Pattinson is ready to re-enter the spotlight again without getting too overwhelmed.

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Pattinson Stars As Everyone's Favorite Teen Vampire

Robert Pattinson
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As a newcomer to the world of acting, Pattinson was stressed by the fan's response to his performance in the 2008 fantasy romance Twlight. The buzz that already surrounded the epic four book saga spilled over into the film adaptations. People everywhere were raving over Pattinson's Edward Cullen. His torched red locks, pale skin and golden eyes were just about every fangirl's dream. The first installment brought in nearly $400 million dollars during box office week! Even the final chapter broke box office records. A film franchise that does that well and is that popular, will scare any actor.

He Couldn't Handle The Pressure Of "Twlight" Famdon!

Robert Pattinson
Gettyimages | CHRIS DELMAS

Unfortunately, due to the immensely powerful response the film adaptations received, Pattinson found himself at the center of attention all the time. His Twlight days may have brought him all the riches in the world but it didn't give him any peace. The actor recalled the terror he endured from the paps who stalked him. Pattinson revealed in an interview with British GQ that his "horrors were so bad that still to this day, he puts on his glasses, hat and hood up to shield himself from the paps." It's a shame that stars as big as Robert Pattinson can't live life like normal people.

His Biggest Fashion Mistake

Robert Pattinson in 2005
Gettyimages | ANDREW STUART

Let's just say Pattinson's early 2000 era wasn't kind to the actor at all. Not only was the Twlight fame horrible to deal with but even his sense of fashion was horrible. Three years prior to Pattinson getting his first big break in the vampire love story, the actor regrets his fashion choice at the *Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire" party in London. The actor stated during an interview with British GQ that he wore, “leather trousers with these cowboy boots and a velvet jacket. I mean, it literally looked like a kid had gone into a dressing-up box." At least Pattinson can laugh at himself.

Pattinson Voted The Sexiest Man To Ever Exist

Robert Pattinson posing in front of DIOR poster
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Pattinson went through an awkward phase in the early years of his acting career. Now with several prominent acting roles under his belt, the 33 year-old is becoming more confident in his position. Pattinson was recently voted the Sexiest Man in the world, according to scientists of course. In 2012, the former Twlight star was originally voted the Sexiest Man Alive in Glamour Magazine four years in a row for his role as hearthrob vampire Edward Cullen. Now that scientists have the numbers to back up the vote, it seems pretty official. Robert Pattinson is the best looking guy in Hollywood. The fact that he beat Brad Pitt should be a confidence booster!

The New Batman Teaser Is Out And Pattinson Looks Like a Real Superhero

Robert Pattinson in Screen Test For Batman
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Though the Twlight actor is working on becoming accustomed to the Hollywood lifestyle, some fans are wondering if he could handle the pressure of playing Cape Crusader, Batman. It seemed odd that Matt Reeves would choose Robert Pattinson to play the role of the intense vigilante. Then again, everyone was just as outraged that Ben Affleck was chosen to play Batman. Upon viewing Pattinson's screen test in the Batman suit, the actor seems ready for the role. Arguably, Christian Bale is the best Batman out of the two actors but maybe Pattinson will surprise us.

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