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See How Snoop Dogg Has Changed in 2020

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By Angela Sanner

Recently, Snoop Dogg has admitted to having complex emotions and losing his self-control. This is something that his fans don't like to see, but it seems as though he's gone into the deep end from all of these angry and sentimental emotions. He's also stated that "he's trying to be more careful when choosing words because he recognizes the power in them." Snoop Dogg has been through a lot and unfortunately, he has been in some hot water after he made an appearance on Red Table Talk.

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Red Table Talk

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Red Table Talk is Jada Pinkett Smith's web series. During the interview, Snoop tried to clear the air pertaining to the feud with Gayle King, the broadcast journalist for CBS News. During CBS This Morning, King brought up the late Kobe Bryant and his connection to a 2003 sexual assault case. In response to these questions, Snoop posted a video condemning King for her outrageous questions about the deceased. Snoop later apologized stating, "When you're wrong, you gotta fix it. So with that being said, Gayle King, I publicly tore you down by coming at you in a derogatory manner based off of my emotions, me being angry at the questions you asked. Overreacted, should have handled it way different than that. I was raised better than that."

Personal Issues

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After the apology, Snoop opened up about personal issues that have been going on in his life. It's not something that he's happy about or proud of, but he wants to make a change for himself in this new year of 2020. He claims that his intentions were good with what happened with Gayle King, but Snoop admitted his emotions have been in overload due to the death of his grandson, the use of so much profanity throughout his career, the decline of his marriage and the death of Kobe Bryant has really taken a toll on Snoop.

Death of His Grandson

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Snoop has opened up about the healing process after the death of his grandson and other people he has lost. During the interview with Red Table Talk, Snoop stated, "It was a matter of me losing control because we still haven't swallowed Nip (Nipsey Hussle). We're still engulfed in that. He's still in our heart right now and we're still hurt behind that. And then, Kobe and his daughter." After a moment, he continued, "I got to be strong in front of everybody. Remember that part. You got to turn it on. It's time to be Snoop again."

Snoop Dogg

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Snoop Dogg was an integral part of the rap culture in the 1990's and 2000's. He recorded the smash hits, "What's My Name?," "Gin & Juice, "Drop It Like It's Hot," and "Holidae Inn." He married his high school sweetheart, Shante Taylor, on June 12, 1997. They have three children together, two sons and one daughter. On September 25, 2019, Snoop's grandson died in the hospital just ten days after he was born. In complete devastation, this has caused Snoop to be an emotional wreck.

There's much love for Snoop in his new venture toward his change in 2020.

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