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'Superstore' Episode Recap: Employee App

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By shirleena cunningham

The new parent company that now owns Cloud 9 Zapharon has put out an employee app that hands out reward points. All of the Cloud 9 employees are excited about the new app except Jonah. He thinks it's an invasion of their privacy. In other words, Jonah believes this is a way for corporations to spy of them. But of course, everyone just thought it was cool that they don't have to clock in anymore, their cellphones will do it for them.

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Amy and Dina

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Since the employees are now allowed to have their cellphones on the sales floor Amy took advantage of the new policy by sending out text messages to her co-workers of a new form of contact. Dina could not understand the texting part. When she received the first text with Amy's aviator she was just confessed. So Amy had to explain to Dina that sometimes it's fun to send a text with an aviator that looks like you with a facial expression or a giff from a movie. Amy made Dina an aviator of her own and Dina was quite intrigued.

Jonah being Jonah

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Jonah thinks everyone is out to get him. The fact that the corporate wants the employees to carry their cellphones on them throughout their entire shift, and import all their data has Jonah thinking this is just another tactic for Zephra to control the employees every movement.

But Glen and Garrett thought Jonah was crazy. Why would a company like Zephra want to take any of the employee's information anyways? For many reasons, according to Jonah. They could sell the employee's information to different companies. And once it's out there, it's no going back.

Mateo and Cheyenne

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Cheyenne and Mateo were over the moon happy about being able to have their cellphones on the sales floor. That was until they took their breaks and found out that the app was timing their breaks. This then leads Mateo, Cheyenne, Justine, and Sayid on a mission to find a place to take a break where they are not timed.

First, they went outside to take their breaks, which wasn't fun because it was freezing. Then the group tried the men's bathroom where they ran into Glenn. The men's room was warm but like Cheyenne said: " it smelled like farts." So back to the breakroom.

Jonah being trying to play a prank

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Since Garrett was making fun of Jonah's paranoia towards the employee app. Jonah thought he would teach Garrett a lesson but pulling a prank on him. Jonah got the security guard, who never speaks to Garrett suddenly start up a conversation with Garrett like they are best buds. Then while Jonah was in the security camera room with Sandra they were following Garrett's every move with the camera while he was helping the customer.

Garrett thought someone behind the camera was watching him. He was starting to get paranoid like Jonah was with the app. Jonah's plan was working until Garret freaked out and was talking about sending an email saying there was a bomb in the store. Garrett's phone heard it and wrote the email, and asked if he would like it to be sent. Sandra said yes.

When the bomb squad got there they gave Jonah a lecture joking about bombs is a crime!

Amy hurt Dina's feelings

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Dina was enjoying the texting so much that she was started to annoy Amy with all her emojis. So Jonah told Amy that she could mute Dina's text messages. Oh well Amy loved that, but one problem. Dina sent Amy an important text email about a hazard product and they needed to put a warning label on the product before anymore where sold.

When Dina approached Amy about it she had no clue what she was talking about. That's when Dina realized Amy had been muting her text messages. Not cool Amy NOt Cool!

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