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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is More Serious About Getting Into Character Than Other Singers

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Aja

Everyone loves Taylor Swift, even if they're not fan. Swift is just one of those artists who can't be denied because her songs are so catchy and her music videos are darn near incredible. In relation to her songs, Swift makes sure her message is heard loud and clear. The ME! singer isn't holding her tongue anymore, especially now that she's older and wiser. Swift has grown throughout her music career. She's known for her many transformations, including her latest one where she turns into a man on the set of her new music video The Man.

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She Becomes The Man In New Music Video

Taylor Swift at an event
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Many actors are willing to go to extremes to achieve a role. Even male actors have played female characters in comedy films such as Tyler Perry and Robin Williams. However, there are very few singers willing to alter their bodies to resemble the opposite sex. Taylor Swift proved in her new video The Man that she's more than a singer, she's a true actor. At the ending credits, Swift revealed all the prosthetic and cosmetics she underwent to achieve the look like a corporate man. Her transformation was so convincing that it shocked people to see the actual process! She really went all the way for that role.

Swift Becomes A Cat

Taylor Swift at "Cats" event
Gettyimages | ANGELA WEISS

Taylor Swift's The Man wasn't the first time the singer underwent an epic transformation. In recent years, the Calm Down singer has become more bolder in her choices for music videoes and overall message. She isn't holding back, no matter what the critics have to say. Swift certainly didn't give a hoot when she played as a ginger cat named Bombalurina in the 2019 musical film Cats. The singer was digitally altered to resemble a cat. Swift stated during an interview, that she had to learn the "mannerisms of a cat", which shouldn't have been too hard for the singer, since she's a cat lover herself.

She Even Became A Futuristic Robot

Taylor Swift performing
Gettyimages | NBC

Swift has also played the role of a cyborg. Off her late Reputation album, Swift released the hit 2017 single Ready For It? The track showed promise in Swift's delievery of a rap verse or two. The song wasn't half-bad! Neither was the video, which featured Swift in head-to-toe technological gear. Majority of the video takes place between two dual forces that face off against each other. It isn't until the end, that fans discover the seemingly good Swift is actually an android as her prosthetic faces gets blown off by her white doppelganger. Nonetheless, it's one of the coolest Taylor Swift videos!

She Becomes A Robot Gladiator At The Met Gala

Taylor Swift at 2016 Met Gala
Gettyimages | Mike Coppola

Even off set, Swift still manages to pull off an epic transformation. In fact, the singer dressed as a self-described "Futurist Gladiator Robot" at the 2016 Met Gala. Her hair was a platinum-blonde bob, with pale makeup and dark lipstick to match. To top it all off, Swift wore a metallic dress and tall gladiator shoes. Her look is striking but kind of chic at the same time. Perhaps Swift's Met Gala hinted at the release of her 2017 single Ready For It and fans just didn't know it. Or like Janelle Monae, Swift's just really obsessed with robots!

Swift Is An Assasin In "Bad Blood" Music Video

Taylor Swift Winning MTV award for "Bad Blood" Music Video
Gettyimages | Christopher Polk

Swift has undergone some pretty interesting conversions in the last few years. Perhaps her second most iconic look came during her 2015 music video of Bad Blood, which featured a futuristic setting and even better technological advances. Not to mention the all-star casts in the video. Swift and her girl pals were all dressed as skilled assassins who worked at a spy agency, showcasing a whole arsenal of advanced weapons and even weaponry training. Bad Blood was one of the first instances of Swift's transformations. Hopefully she'll continue to play her characters to the fullest.

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