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Jason Momoa Becomes Ozzy Osbourne For The Rocker's New Music Video

Gettyimages | Chris Hyde
By Clark Sparky

Despite his struggles with Parkinson's disease and a painful neck injury, Ozzy Osbourne still managed to release an album of new music recently called Ordinary Man.

The first single from the record is "Scary Little Green Man," and because of Osbourne's current physical state, he found someone to fill in for him.

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In a teaser for the video, Jason Momoa is revealed to be temporarily taking over as the Prince of Darkness. The clip shows a man walking down a hall to a microphone with a black hood covering his face. Once he reaches the mic, the hood is thrown back and the viewer sees that it's Momoa.

After lip syncing part of the song, Momoa then even pretends to bite the head off a fake bat.

Last week, Osbourne opened up to The Sun about the intense pain he's living with currently.

"I'm in unbelievable pain 24/7," Osbourne told the outlet. "I remember it like it was yesterday. I was lying there as clearly and as calmly as anything, thinking, 'Well Ozzy, you've f--king done it now.' I have to take all these painkillers but I'm dying for all the opiate stuff I can't have.

"I have to be helped to change, to have a bath," Osbourne continued. "It's just f--king awkward, you know?"


"If I had a choice between the Parkinson's and the f--king neck, I'd go for the Parkinson's. I've been laid up for a year now," Osbourne said, referencing the neck injury he aggravated in a fall last year. "First I had an infection in my hand — that pulled me off the road — then I got pneumonia, then I had the fall, then I had surgery and here I am today. It's driving me nuts."

Earlier this month, Osbourne revealed the he had to cancel his entire tour this year.

"I had to pull out because I might only be able to do a couple of shows. I'll go out there when I'm ready and I'm not ready yet," Osbourne told The Sun. "The recovery has been so goddam slow. I've never been this laid up in my life and, believe me, I've done some stupid things. I've recovered from alcoholism, drug addiction, all of the above. Then I tripped over, and that's it.

"Poor old Sharon's been a mum, a dad, everything. She works non-stop," he said about his wife. "But our relationship is better than ever. I'm so much in love with her and she's so much in love with me. She's been fantastic and she's looking really good."

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