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Taylor Swift wearing a colorful blazer and red lipstick against a black backdrop

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With New Music Video for 'The Man'

Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy
By Kaycee Wilson

Taylor Swift certainly knows how to wow fans.

But of course, after more than a decade of captivating fans with her dreamy lyrics, evolving albums, and stunning visuals, we already knew of her immense capability to wow and enchant.

From Swift's recent album Lover, she stole listener's breath away by the flawlessly crafted album, each track being favored in their own way by fans. From hits like "Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince," "London Boy," and "The Man," Swift's album was without a doubt a huge success amongst old and new fans alike.

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Taylor Swift playing guitar in a yellow shirt and pink
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For the latter song mentioned above, "The Man," Swift essentially sings about how she would be viewed if she were a man. Speaking on feeling the need to do things quick enough so that she can keep up, Swift explores the scenarios many are familiar with.

For example, come the second verse she sings, "They'd say I hustled, put in the work. They wouldn't shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve," ultimately conveying the differences between the genders and using her platform to challenge gender roles.

Taylor Swift in a blazer and tall boots
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On the morning of February 27, Swift finally released the music video for the song, turning those exact lyrics into a visual.

And...the man in the video? Well, it's her. She is literally The Man.

As a man, Swift displays many of the instances she speaks of in her song. In the video, the man works in an office where he receives endless praise and is adored by all, sits on the subway with no regards to those around him, parties with numerous girls on a yacht, and more things deemed acceptable for him to do simply because he is a man.

Taylor Swift wearing a blue and yellow dress
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Come the end of the video, however, Swift flips the tables on the trope we all know so well.

The man in the video has a meltdown on the tennis court, ultimately "displaying his emotions." When the tennis court scene is cut, however, and the man walks up to director Taylor Swift herself to ask how he's done (voiced by Dwayne Johnson, by the way), director Taylor Swift asks him he could try and "be sexier, maybe more likable," rearranging the gender norms.

As many know, women are often called out for being too emotional. By having the man in the music video be the one to display his feelings and ultimately get shut down for doing so, Swift is essentially conveying what if would be and look like if the situation were turned.

Taylor Swift wearing green hoop earrings and red lipstick
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And, to make things all that more understandable (and further impact that message in the song), director Taylor Swift compliments a girl (none other than Loren Gray) who was also on set for doing a an excellent job, despite her having only needed to stand off to the side.

But, it doesn't end there. Taylor Swift really did direct the music video, further proving just how much she is capable of and how much talent she can produce.

After fans waited eagerly for the song to be turned into a visual, it goes without saying that Taylor Swift certainly surprised them with the fun and innovative music video for "The Man."

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