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Helen Mirren on the red carpet

Helen Mirren Says Meghan Markle Was a 'Fantastic Addition' to the Royal Family

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain
By Joe Allen

Helen Mirren is in full support of Megxit. The actress, who once won an Oscar for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II, said she believed Meghan Markle was "a fantastic addition to the royal family," according to Variety.

The actress is being honored with a lifetime achievement award at this year's Berlin Film Festival. Mirren also said she approved of the couple's decision to leave the royal family. “I think their instincts are absolutely right, and I applaud them for it. Hugely actually. Of course, it is complicated," she said.

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Meghan Markle
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Mirren added that “Meghan Markle was a fantastic addition to the royal family – charming, did everything right, was gracious, was sweet natured, and seemed to be … Wow! What a lovely addition. Didn’t seem to be neurotic…"

The actress continued by explaining that, while she supported Harry and Meghan's decision to step back from their duties as members of the royal family, she also realized that losing them as members of the royal family was a bit of a loss.

Helen Mirren at the Golden Globes
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“So, I think it is a loss in a way, but at the same time I think their instincts are absolutely correct. And I think it will all, hopefully, sort itself out, and the tabloid pearl-clutchers will get over their trauma at not having someone to attack all the time. They’ll find another victim… probably me,” the actress said with a laugh.

In addition to discussing the royal family, Mirren also said that she's witnessed a huge improvement for female actors over the course of her career.

Helen Mirren at the Oscars
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“Oh god, there’s more work to be done, further to go, but it is great, it’s absolutely great,” she says, with gusto. “It just pisses me off that I’m not now 23, and that that world is not open to me, because it is a much better world than it was when I was 23," Mirren said.

She said that while the industry has definitely changed, there's still more work to be done to get movies about women made and seen.

Helen Mirren offering a round of applause
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“I have often been asked if I was angry, and I was profoundly angry about it as I ticked off 20 male characters to one or two female characters if you were lucky. Incidentally it hasn’t changed that much. At least now you have female-led movies, and occasionally it is mostly female (casts) – still very rare, but at least they exist," Mirren said.

She argued that the most important thing is improving women's profiles in real life, which will feed into the kinds of parts that are available.

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