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Ariel Winter Shows Off New Red Hair And Talks About How She Feels About The End Of ‘Modern Family’

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By Jimmy Ha

Ariel Winter and the rest of the cast just finished filming the last ever episode of the beloved TV series ‘Modern Family’. Winter is now ready for a change to head on to the next chapter in her life.

The series finale of the show was filmed on Feb. 21 and now the cast is enjoying their last run together on a very successful run. Winter is getting ready to move on and excited for her future. She’s also been spending time with her boyfriend Luke Benward, 24.

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Winter played the role of Alex Dunphy on the sitcom. She is the middle child of Claire and Phil Dunphy and is seen as the ‘clever and intelligent’ one out the bunch. However, on her days off she is still just a young 22 year-old that has a big heart.

“Right now she’s adjusting to life after Modern Family and relaxing and enjoying herself with Luke,” a source told HollywoodLife. “It was very emotional for her to say goodbye to everyone but it’s also exciting to be moving into a new chapter.”

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Winter took to her Instagram on the last day of shooting. She expressed her thoughts and emotions and snapped q quick picture to the show how she was feeling: “In just a few hours we will series wrap on @abcmodernfam, and along with everything else, I will be saying goodbye to the trailer I have had for almost a decade. Goodbye trailer! Goodbye Alex plaque! 😢#modernfamily #memories #family #farewell,” she posted.

That would be the last time she would use the trailer on the set of Modern Family.

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But Winter has already hinted that she’s not afraid of change. She ended up dying her hair red recently to commemorate the next chapter in her life. “Ariel is very excited for the future and will forever remember what Modern Family gave her,” another source told HollywoodLife. “It is her family forever and now Luke being in her life is making the transition into her future a lot easier. She is excited to see what is next in her career and life because it literally is a complete open book and she really is excited about that.”


"I’m a strawberry and a shortcake sooooo new nickname,” Winter, 22, cheekily captioned a photo of her hair transformation on Instagram Wednesday.

Tabitha Dueñas, Winter’s stylist talked about how she went about transforming the actress’ look .

“With Modern Family‘s long run ending, Ariel is finally free to have the hair color she wants,” Dueñas shared. “She wanted to strip out the black and go back to her strawberry golden blonde look we had done previously when she was on break from filming. She said she never wants to go back to black again.”

The series finale of Modern Family will air on ABC on Apr. 8.

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