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Who Is Charlotte Awbery? What To Know About This Viral Singer

By Nora Pattugalan

Imagine taking a commute on the subway and being stopped by a stranger to sing. This is what happened when Charlotte Awbery in London. British online content creator Kevin Freshwater stumbled upon her in his segment to finish the lyrics he chose.

This song was "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from 'A Star Is Born'.

Thinking swiftly, Charlotte brilliantly continued the song and confidently filled the station with her voice. Freshwater allowed her to sing, impressed by what just happened. Little did they know, the video gained millions of view and Charlotte obtained fans of her own.

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Invited by Ellen Degeneres to appear on 'The Ellen Show', Charlotte Awbery introduced herself and briefly expained the situation. It was simply a typical day and a stroke of luck. "Shallow" is a song from Bradley Cooper's 'A Star Is Born'. This modernized take on a timely film with the same name has people swooning over Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga for their roles as the protagonists.

Charlotte Awbery, a 30-year-old woman from Romford, East London immediately embodied 'A Star Is Born' as she became a viral singer after just one day.

In addition to performing the song "Shallow" on Ellen's show, Charlotte has reminded fans of the beloved ballad. This resulted in the song re-entering the Top 40 Chart on iTunes, and bringing more views on YouTube.

Celebrities have seen the video of Charlotte Awbery singing, praising and congratulating the new star. No other words could describe what an accomplishment this was.

While Charlotte had already worked as a professional singer, this opportunity gave her more than she bargained for,

Gaining over 400,000 followers on Instagram, her determination and perseverance to keep singing truly inspired thousands.

As for Kevin Freshwater, this would not have happened if fate had not brought him together with Awbery.

Even just for a quick moment, the encounter turned into a lifetime opportunity. It's amazing how a small interaction can make a huge impact, so much that it can be shared with the world.

As a reward for her talent, Ellen partnered with Shuttterfly, awarding Charlotte Awbery ten thousand pounds.

Charlotte Awbery's discovery has shown that talent is everywhere. Anyone can have the drive to sing, act, dance, etc.

It is often intimidating for some to put themselves out there, let alone sing in public. Although Awbery showed the world that she embraced who she was as a singer. She pushed herself to sing when asked, and received what was deserved.

For many talented people out there, this story could be a motivation to try harder and sing whenever possible.

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