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D Smoke Releases Album 'Black Habits' & Fans Love The Message

Gettyimages | Allen Berezovsky
By Lacretia Roberts

Fans went crazy over him in the Netflix original series 'Rhythm and Flow' which had stars, guest judges and even guest star collaborations mixed with a host of other show stopping performances. The show brought rap and hip hop to the forefront, giving underdog artists a chance to prove themselves worthy of being at the top.

Winner D. Smoke, who stole the show with an epic performance of his original song, 'Last Supper,' was born and raised on the west coast in Inglewood, California.

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The Inglewood rapper weaves tales of poverty and traits of a traditional black lifestyle. Authentic, relatable, raw lyrics and a style reminiscent of J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, D Smoke exhibited signs early on in the series, that proved he was a well seasoned artist who has been perfecting his craft for some time.

With lyrics from "Last Supper' which state, "Keep it 100, I be feeling like Campbell's Soup over white rice, baked chicken with the skin off. Lawry's with black pepper, I'm fully seasoned," he honors his familial heritage and upbringing.

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The rapper doesn't seem concerned with fancy clothes and name brands, but rather his intent is to send a message of uprising and empowerment to black people through his music.

His first album, featuring the song 'Inglewood High' was a success landing on the top 10 list on billboard charts.

The album which featured only seven songs debuted with, 'Inglewood High, 'On Paper,' 'Lil' Red,' 'Honey Jack,' 'The Game,' 'Ain't You,' and 'Carry On.'

Though fans were very pleased, most could hardly wait to see more.

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D Smoke's success has been astounding though he has kept in contact with several of his Rhythm and Flow cast members. Recent public posts and public interviews show the stars humble demeanor and desire to spread the wealth of fame.

With his unique rapping style which includes intertwined moments of smooth, fluent Spanish flow, the former teacher has created his own genre.

D Smoke was receptive to judges and able to showcase talent even in the most intense and high pressure scenarios of the series.

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The pronounced rapper has shown his love of family on Instagram and in the press and it is easy for fans to see the personal side to the artist.

With the release of 'Black Habits', the black community has responded and love is in the air with fans reviewing positively and excitedly.

The Album has already pushed the Black Habits track to number 2 on the billboard charts.

Fans can look forward to watching as D Smoke lives up to his legend and creates even more meaningful and culturally aware music.

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