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Mark Wahlberg Daughter Refused to Dance with Him at Father-Daughter Event

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By Jimmy Ha

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday, Actor Mark Wahlberg stopped by to sit down and have a quick chat about his new Netflix release titled, "Spenser Confidential". But after discussing promotions for the film, the actor confessed that his daughter, Grace Margaret, 10, refused to dance with him at a special Father-Daughter event.

“Everybody has kids … you’d think that your daughter would be so thrilled that their dad is Mark Wahlberg. But they go to a father-daughter dance and she wouldn’t dance with you?” Ellen asked Wahlberg.

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The actor, who has been seen in films, movies, commercials, and is adored by millions of fans. But, the once 'Marky Mark' expressed how his successful career doesn’t necessarily earn him any brownie points with his daughter.

“I didn’t get one dance,” he admitted. The audience’s sympathy could be heard. Wahlberg explained, “I told her we were gonna do the whole big circle and then I was gonna go off and she said ‘Dad if you embarrass me I will never talk to you again.’”

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He continued, and mentioned that his daughter did spend time with him ‘off the dance floor’. “She sat there by the edge of the stage by the DJ,” he added. But, Wahlberg mentioned that he had an issue with the DJ was not picking age-appropriate song choices at the school’s dance party.

“I’m sitting there with one other dad and I’m like ‘This is not an edited version of this song.’ There are explicit lyrics being played at a school dance for girls, no good. I told the DJ, I said ‘What are you doing? I’m hearing f-bombs and this and that’ That’s not okay,” he told DeGeneres.

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While he didn’t get to dance with his daughter, Wahlberg mentioned that the two “still had a great time together.”

DiGeneres couldn’t believe anyone would turn down a dance with Wahlberg. “That’s crazy. Has she seen Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? Has she seen you?” she said. “She has,” he explained. “She said ‘If I ever see that again I won’t talk to you.’ That’s how it goes.”

But, Wahlberg’s daughter, Grace, wasn’t the only one of his kids that have been embarrassed by her dad’s former music group.


In 2018, Wahlberg admitted his other kids — Ella Rae, 16, Michael, 13, Brendan Joseph, 11 — aren’t necessarily fond of his days as ‘Marky Mark’.

“I was at a football game — my son’s game — last week,” Wahlberg told Sunday Today. “In the middle of the game, they start playing ‘Good Vibrations’. My wife is just cracking up laughing, but she’s looking at my son who’s basically burying his head in his helmet.”

“It’s fine for me,” he added. “I don’t want to make their life any more difficult. My past is not their burden to bear.”

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