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Carrie Underwood Shares How She and Her Husband, Mike Fisher, Work to Keep Children Humble

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By Zachary Holt

While the international country sensation, Carrie Underwood, and her husband, a professional hockey player, Mike Fisher, have definitely arrived when it comes to being at the pinnacle of their respective industries, each started their life in very humble beginnings. For Underwood, her mother was on welfare and somehow made ends meet for her family. Fisher had a similar upbringing.

Now they have a couple of children of their own and they want to instill humility within them, despite having tons of money and the potential to essentially buy anything they'd like. Recently, Underwood spoke at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville about raising her children with Fisher and what they hope to accomplish in the process.

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Underwood Believes It Will Be a Challenge to Teach Children Humility, Given Wealth and Fame

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"To watch them just go from humble beginnings and work really hard, and give us everything we ever needed, we saw that," Underwood said at the event, referring to each of their parents. "We saw that example, and I want to build off that. I want to teach that to our children, which is I think going to be a bigger challenge than either me, or my husband, ever thought about, because we just live in a fantasy land, right?"

And while Underwood and Fisher try not to spoil their children by purchasing them toy after toy, it seems that other people are contributing to the problem, no matter how much they say 'no'.

People Are Constantly Buying Their Children Toys, No Matter Where They Go

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"Everywhere we go, other people give my kid things," the country singer revealed. "And we don't mind the toys. They obviously have toys. But we'll go into their little play area, and I'm like, 'I didn't buy any of this.' Other people do, and it's hard. This isn't the real world. We recognize that, and we know that we have a lot of work to do to make sure our children are humble and hard workers. And we've got to tell people to stop buying them stuff."

It's safe to say that the couple's children have quite the life, but Underwood feels nostalgic about her upbringing and how times were much more simple as she was growing up, something she hopes to try and replicate. The country star reflected on how her mother worked hard to put food on the table and make ends meet, despite not having much money to go around for the family.

Underwood and Fisher Both Grew Up with Poor, But Hardworking Parents

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"I feel like that's something that's so important that I know that they've passed to me," Underwood said in reference to the hard work ethic and humility her mother had. "They both grew up just poor, super poor. They didn't have any spare money for anything. And to see my mom, who was on welfare, say that 'I don't want this.' And put herself through college, and she got her master's degree. She was a teacher, and so she still didn't make any money, but she made enough."

It's unlikely, though, that Underwood and Fisher will be able to replicate their childhoods and 'simple times' given the degree of fame they have, but the couple still hopes to teach their children to be hard workers and thankful for everything they have.

The Couple Hopes to Teach Their Children to Be Hard Workers and Thankful for Things

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"I think for us, as children, it was just something we never had to worry about," she said referring to be taken care of, regardless of how much money their parents had. "We had that foundation, and that was really important. And Mike's the same way, and we talk about it a lot, how it's just important for a child to know that home is home and it's these people. And we want to be that for them. But above all, they were just super hard workers."

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