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Was Kaia Gerber Playing With Pete Davidson's Emotions?

Gettyimages | Kristy Sparow
By kenadijiba

Living young, wild, and free isn't just an old school classic song that was vocalized by Bruno Mars and Wiz Khalifa in 2011. It is more so a set of rules that continue to be practiced by passionate 20 year olds who need an excuse to participate in shenanigans. One of those people who is going about life in this unapologetic manner is sophisticated model, Kaia Gerber. As the daughter of the legendary Cindy Crawford there must be a pressure to stick to the rules. By dating Hollywood’s bad boy Pete Davidson she definitely proved that rebellion against “perfection” was the path she wanted to take.

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Stereotypes Between Men And Women

Unsplash | Obed Hernández

If we break down stereotypes of men in relationships versus women, the united understanding of who is more likely to be cast off in a relationship isn't too opaque. Traditionally through the vessel of popular culture whether that be film or literature, women are always the ones who are left to pick up the slack. When this odd pairing of seemingly “pure”, “naive” Kaia and problematic Pete was born, the concern was all pointed in Kaia’s direction. But, after Davidsons most recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God people are questioning whether Kaia used that dynamic to her advantage.

Desire To Have A Family

Gettyimages | gradyreese

A little gem Pete dropped during the interview was that Kaia was one of the most intelligent women he had ever dated. Davidson also went into detail as to why their relationship didn't end up working. For one, Pete is known for laying his whole life history on the table. He brings his issues to the forefront and knows that this usually ends up scaring all his lovers away. With Kaia specifically he said that she was young and basically needed time to experience more. He also expressed his deep desire to have a child, and then Charlamagne brought up the controversial fake announcement Kaia made of her being pregnant”, which led to accusations of Kaia being a tad manipulative.

Creating A "Fake" Relationship

Giphy | VH1

Something that's popular not only in Hollywood but now with social media stars is the art of creating relationships to aid in propelling “stale” careers. Did Kaia need someone to add “sauce” onto her otherwise mediocre modeling portfolio. By getting involved with Ariana Grande's ex she did end up in an abundance of tabloids who before didn't find her the least bit interesting before. Falling away from drama is a great thing for personal growth and happiness, but it sadly is kind of necessary to keep people intrigued by you as a celebrity.

Cindy Crawford's Influence

Gettyimages | John Wolfsohn

In comparison to what's been happening the last few months with her brother Presley and his bizarre face tattoo, surely Cindy Crawford isn't losing any sleep over whatever Kaia is doing. But, is modeling really Kaias ambition in life?Was this just forced upon her by her mother in order to maintain the family legacy? For her brother it is obvious that he had some qualms over being in the industry. Maybe Kaia doesn't have any conflict with anyone at all and will remain mysterious and angelic like her Instagram illustrates, or she could get back in the relationship game and break someone else's heart.

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