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Suzanne Somers Dishes on Her Diet, Keeping Fit into Her 70s

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil
By Michael Howard

Suzanne Somers is 73 years old, but you wouldn’t know it to look at her. How does the former “Three’s Company” star keep so fit? Her explanation might surprise you.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, Somers attributed her impressive health and figure to eating organic food and never going on a diet.

“I eat real food,” she said. “I eat butter, cream, sour cream, olive oil, full-fat cream cheese. I eat grass-fed or organic protein. All my food is organic. I’m never on a diet.”

She added:

“Where I grew up everything was organic—even though they didn’t know it—because they weren’t spraying poison on our foods.”

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Daily diet

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The actress, whose new book, “A New Way To Age: The Most Cutting-Edge Advances In Antiaging,” was published in January, shared details about what her diet looks like from day to day.

For breakfast she says she has a smoothie that includes nutrient-rich foods like kale, spinach, ginger and apples. This may or may not be accompanied by an egg on whole wheat toast.

Lunch varies, though on this particular day she had a “bowl of Vietnamese soup with little chicken meatballs, bean sprouts.”

And for dinner, lamb, salad and baked sweet potatoes.

Cutting out chemicals

Gettyimages | Paul Archuleta

The trick, as Somers sees it, is to cut out processed food:

“What I keep trying to tell people is food is one of the big pleasures in life. When you get yourself on a regimen where you’re eating right and not eating chemicals, you don’t get any strange cravings, because it’s the chemicals that cause the craving.

“The way that works is, when you eat, let’s say a fast food hamburger, the brain goes, OK, I didn’t get what I needed there. I didn’t get the minerals. I didn’t get the right vitamins… Let’s just have some more.”

Beyond diet

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Somers’ philosophy on how to stay healthy extends beyond her diet. She says she takes supplements regularly and uses beauty products. Her company, Suzanne Organics Skin & Body Care, sells natural products that are free of toxins.

Exercise is also an important element of Somers’ lifestyle, as is regular sex.

“I love being a grown up,” she said. “I like the way I look at 73. I like the way my husband looks at me at 73 and I like having the backs of the women who think it’s over. I’m out there to say, ‘It ain’t over.’”

Intimate twice a day

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In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Somers revealed that she and her husband, 83-year-old Alan Hamel, typically have sex twice a day thanks to “shots of PT-141,” which she described as “a melanocortin-based peptide used to generate sexual arousal.”

“I thought, ‘Wow, what a great thing,’” she said. “Because men have had Viagra, but this [is] actually a shot for both men and women that’s not a drug. It just stimulates that part of your brain that says, ‘Hey, I’m kind of in the mood.’ And so, isn’t that a wonderful thing. And it’s not a drug, so I love it.”

Somers and Hamel have been married since 1977.

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