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The Youngest Contestant Ever On 'The Voice' Wows Judges

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By Samantha Agate

The thing fans love about NBC's 'The Voice,' is that anyone could audition and the judges will only have to base their decision solely on how that person sounds. There is always a level of shock when the judge's chairs turn around and they are able to put a face to the voice and see what that person actually looks like. This level of shock was heightened when 14-year-old Levi Watkins gave an amazing rendition of Train's "Hey Soul Sister."

Young Talent

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While Blake Shelton was the only judge that turned around to have Watkins be a member of his team, he kept his composure and left it as an element of surprise for the other judges as they soon all turned around and were in absolute shock. They marveled at how young Watkins is and judge Kelly Clarkson assumed that it was going to be a woman singing with a lower register. She said the reason that she didn't turn her chair was because she was waiting for the woman to sing a little higher, but realized it all made sense after she saw that Watkins was a teenage boy.

Hey Soul Sister

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Shelton was extremely excited to have Watkins on his team and even jumped out of his chair when the performance was over to celebrate. He went up to the stage to congratulate Watkins for his performance and express his joy for having him on the team. Fans took to social media to give praise to Watkins's performance and Shelton's ability to mask how shocked and excited he was to have Watkins on his team until the performance was over. It was also revealed that Watkins lives with type 1 diabetes.

Where is Gwen?

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Shelton is looking for his seventh win this season and will surely bust out all of the tantalizing tactics to get ahead of the other judges like he does each season. Absent this season is Shelton's girlfriend Gwen Stefani who has never won the show but continuously made strides with contestants from her team going farther and farther each season. The continuous rotation of coaches makes for a more exciting show with chances for a rookie judge to come in and shock everyone with a win.

A New Coach

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Nick Jonas also made his debut as a coach this season. He had a very busy first night of auditions when he made waves blocking Clarkson from getting an artist on her team that performed a rendition of her song "Miss Independent." Clarkson was stunned that Jonas was already taking jabs at her and her potential team. The claws are certainly out this season with each judge hungry to win and fill up their teams with tremendous talent which will make for some great entertainment during the rest of the blind auditions.

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