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Kim Kardashian posing on a staircase

Kim Kardashian is Fed Up With Questions Regarding Her Daughter Chicago

Gettyimages | Stefanie Keenan
By Angelic Conoscere

Kim Kardashian has become a household name ever since her family's reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashian's became a hit show. Throughout her years in the spotlight Kim has been recognized for her beauty, her fan base on her social media accounts, becoming a wife to rapper Kanye West and starting a family of her own with the artist. Kim has also began some activism work involving the criminal justice system in the United States. While she has become a very influential women, it undoubtedly comes with some judgement as well.

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Her First Two Pregnancies

Kim with three out of her four kids.
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Kim Kardashian has expressed the importance of family throughout the years and she shares how proud she is to have a family of her own. In 2013, Kim and Kanye welcomed their first daughter North West. Within the next two years the couple married and Kim gave birth to a boy, Saint. Kim's first two pregnancies were showed on her family's reality show. Those who watched the show can remember some of the moments that showed the soon-to-be mother in excruciating pain. It would be later revealed that Kim was having complications during her first two pregnancies, due to Pre-eclampsia.

Dealing with the Disorder

Kim holding her baby bump.
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Kim revealed the terrible details surrounding her diagnosis with Pre-eclampsia. The disorder could lead to premature birth and life-threatening complications to the mother and the child. Kim was hopeful that her second pregnancy would not result with the same difficulties she faced with her first. However, two years later with her pregnancy with Saint, Kim had to deal with the same struggles and pains. Thankfully, she made it through the pregnancy and gave birth to the couple's first son. But her doctors suggested that she try to avoid getting pregnant again for the safety of herself.

Kim and Kanye's Decision

The West's share a kiss
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Kim Kardashian took the advice from her doctors very seriously. Based on the troubles that occurred during her first two pregnancies Kim and Kanye knew that if they wanted to continue to expand their family it would need to be done another way. A few years later the couple decided to turn to surrogacy and Kim did not hesitate on giving details on what that situation was like. She shared that she wanted the surrogate to know who she was carrying the child for instead of it being anonymous. Kim states that she wanted to make sure the woman was okay with carrying their child just in case the surrogate was not a fan of the couple. Kim also revealed that she wanted to have a relationship with the woman which was another reason she did not want to be anonymous.

The Birth of Their Most Recent Child

Kim and Kanye with their first two kids
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After the birth of Chicago in 2018 the couple planned on using the same surrogate for their next child. However, a different woman ended up carrying the most recent son for the Hollywood couple, Psalm who was born in May of 2019. Thanks to the option of surrogacy the West family was able to increase their family size without the potential of harm to Kim or their children. Kim opened up on a podcast interview with on a podcast named All's Fair hosted by a family lawyer named Laura Wasser. She gave details on Chicago's birth, the exact moment she was welcomed to the world Kim was able to bond with her with skin to skin contact, a crucial moment for the mother and child. Kim further revealed some of the negative comments she has heard regarding Chicago's appearance. The mother of four hears that her daughter looks more like the surrogate rather than Kim and she is fearful that Chicago will have to face the rumors that Kim is not her mother. However, Kim is prepared to shut down those comments since the embryo that was used for Chicago was used from Kim and Kanye's DNA.

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