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Fans posing as the original team at a convention

Nickelodeon to Get Mightier with Latest Power Rangers Spinoff

Gettyimages | Araya Diaz
By Reginald Andah

Power Rangers has touched so many childhoods for years. Parents that watch it with their kids used to watch the franchise's first seasons as children and teens themselves. The show alone garners generations to come together and become inspired by these heroes. The latest installment of the franchise, 'Power Rangers: Beast Morphers' brings nostalgic moments back from the very first season. This season's team of rangers meet at an establishment very similar to Angel Grove Youth Center's 'Gym and Juice Bar'. There are other similarities as well.

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How Nostalgic References Sets Up for a Legend

The Power Rangers Beast Morphers Cast
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The first episode shows us that the red ranger knows martial arts. If anyone is familiar with the original series of 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,' they know that the original red ranger Jason was also proficient at the craft. He even taught students himself as an instructor at the youth center. Since then, Nickelodeon has been broadcasting the long-running series. There have been many cameos and subtle references to the previous series in past power ranger sagas. However, fans may agree that these particular references felt different. It was almost as if the plot was building up to something 'morphenomenal'.

Austin St. John Comes Back as The Original Red Ranger


After all, the actor/ firefighter/ emergency medical technician/ martial artist and now one of the producers of 'Black Salt Video Gaming' has been increasingly sending out news from his profile pages. For years he hasn't appeared in many things power rangers related. However, in these most recent years, he has been promoting his projects while appearing at Comic-Con panels for fans. Though many rangers have from previous sagas have graced the television screen again, Austin St. John was one of the heroes many fans were speculating about.

The Original Red's Appearances

Austin St. John smiling for photo op
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Fans' curiosity was understandable since he was the original leader before Jason David Frank as Tommy led the rangers afterward. Jason David Frank has even made a number of appearances in other ranger sagas after that lending a helping hand as Tommy when he could. We have only seen Austin St. John return as Jason in the 'Power Rangers Zeo' saga, the 'Power Rangers; Turbo Movie', and the unforgettable 'Forever Red' special episode on 'Power Rangers: Wild Force'. It has been approximately eighteen years since we have seen Jason come back as the original red ranger.

Fans Can Finally Stop Wondering

Austin St. John posing as Jason morphing with Red Ranger medallion
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With this latest trailer of 'Power Rangers: Beast Morphers' season two, fans can finally stop speculating if the original leader would ever return. An ancient enemy named Evox returns to destroy the Rangers once and for all. Little does the villain know that if he messes with one ranger team, he messes with all of them. It's morphin' time as Jason returns alongside other previous rangers to help the current ones take this menace down. Stay tuned this year for more Power Ranger news as more upcoming news will have you jump out of your seat.

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