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Ariel Winter

Call It A Comeback! Ariel Winter Is Going Rogue Again With Torched Locks!

Gettyimages | Jim Spellman
By Aja

Now that Modern Family is done and over with, Ariel Winter is trying new things. She already welcomed the 2020 year with her sheer see-through dress at the Modern Family Wrap Party! Her ensemble caused quite the buzz online but she's over that now. Winter is moving on to bigger and better things, including a change in hairstyle. Everyone remembers the drastic hair-color change Winter pulled off back in 2019. Well, it looks like her torched locks are back for round two this spring!

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Ariel On Her Style Choices

Ariel Winter at a Salon shop
Gettyimages | Presley Ann

A new look can improve anyones mood. It can even give them newfound confidence, especially a new hairstyle. Ariel Winter's new hair certainly put a pep in her step! The actor has worn her dark tresses for 11 seasons straight on Modern Family and was getting bored with her character's look. She embraces trying on new styles, whether that's hair or makeup. Winter doesn't just rely on outer appearances for confidence in her look, though. Rather she likes to have the choice of choosing what she wants to do with her body. Power comes from expressing ourselves!

Blonde Hair For Halloween

Ariel Winter at the Just Jared 7th Annual Halloween Party in 2018
Gettyimages | BG020/Bauer-Griffin

Trying new hairstyles can be liberating, as Ariel Winter clearly preaches to fans. She is the Queen of experimenting with new styles and takes pride in the fact that she can wear just about any color. The only hair color choice she hasn't tried is white platinum, which sounds far fetched, even for the actress. It makes us wonder what other colors has the Modern Family star tried. Fans will be surprised to know she was dressed as Pamela Anderson and wore a blonde hairdo for Halloween back in October 2018. Winter nearly looks unrecognizable!

A Tribute To Her Best Black-Hair Looks

Ariel Winter at speaking event
Wikimedia |

Ariel Winter may be well-known for her iconic dark tresses but that didin't stop the actress from experimenting with different hairstyles. At the end 2016, the actress debuted a series of new bob styles. Her best version of the style came in the spring of 2017 when she sported a dark messy bob at the Smurfs: The Lost Village Premiere in Los Angles, CA. The star looked spring-ready in her pink lipstick and light eyeshadow. Winter's other looks throughout the years included different variations of her long dark locks, either straightened or in pure black mermaid waves. The girl can literally wear anything.

Not The First Time She's Dyed Her Hair Red

Ariel Winter at event
Gettyimages | Larry Busacca

Winter maybe into trying out new hairstyles and make up but she seems sold on only her torched locks. The first time the Modern Family star dyed her hair happened back in May 2019. The change came around her summer break from shooting Modern Family. Even then, the change warranted some pretty positive responses from fans. They particularly loved the shade of red Winter choose, stating that it looked better than her usual black color. Whoever is her hair stylist did a great job making the hair color look natural.

Goodbye To Her Dark Hair Forever

Ariel Winter at an event
Gettyimages | Taylor Hill

Winter obviously didn't miss her iconic dark hair any less than fans did. The 22 year-old actress took to social media to post a few lasting before pics of her dark tresses, with the following caption tagged to it: "Bye Bye Bye dark hair! I don't think I'll miss you :)))." Winter won't be making a return to dark hair for a while, maybe even in the next year or so. Just yesterday the star was seen walking out Nine Zero Salon in Los Angles, CA in her new hairdo. Ariel Winter is officially back to being a redhead!

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