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Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner & Ben Simmons 'Still Going Strong' After Fashion Week

Gettyimages | James Devaney
By Alyssa McCraw

Kendall Jenner wasted no time getting home after Fashion Week was over!

The reality star walked the Versace runway one night and hopped on a jet soon after. Her timing couldn't have been better, as it's reported that she's aiding her boyfriend, 23-year-old NBA player Ben Simmons, recover from an injury he incurred during a February 22nd game. A source close to Kendall recently said that the pair are "going strong" amidst busy (and generally conflicting) work schedules in their respective industries.

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Ben Simmons as Kendall Jenner watches him play from her court side seat.
Gettyimages | Mitchell Leff

“Kendall has been really busy with Fashion Week, but she missed Ben while she was away," the friend told HollywoodLife. "After hearing about Ben’s injury and having to have a MRI, of course she’s concerned and she wants to do everything she can to show him support."

Although Jenner just returned from Milan Fashion Week, it should be noted that this is only but one part of Fashion Month - the first week was in New York, then London, followed by Milan. Paris Fashion Week is happening now and will wrap up on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons.
Gettyimages | Gotham

If Kendall's already back in El Lay, then there's a good chance she's not walking in Paris Fashion Week. Only time will tell on that one, but for now, she's just happy to be near her man.

"Kendall is glad to be back in the states so she can check in on Ben and be there for him in any way she can," the source continued. "She’s confident he’s going to be just fine, but wants to be there for him in any way she can."

Kendall Jenner watches Ben Simmons play from her court side seat.
Gettyimages | Mitchell Leff

"Kendall is very busy with work but so far she and Ben are still going strong. In the past things always cool off as soon as they get busy. But this time it’s different, she’s still making him a priority." The insider went on to spill that, although she really likes Ben, Kenny is not ready to kommit commit.

"She’s not willing to call him her boyfriend, but she’s definitely treating him like one. He’s dealing with an injury right now so she’s going out of her way to see him and cheer him up."

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin-Bieber.
Gettyimages | Kevin Tachman/MG19

While Kendall was overseas galavanting around like the beautiful gazelle that she is, her pal Justin Bieber received some funny press when he was asked to rank his wife's friends in order as a part of a talk show bit - Kendall being one of them. Being that she truly is best pals with his wife Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, Jenner naturally came in at the top of the Biebs' list. She hasn't made any comment on the situation, but then again, she was a little busy!

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