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Cher's Greatest Films

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By Stephanie Elmir

Cher is an absolute icon, spanning decades with number one songs in each, performing her heart out over and over. On top of that, she's an incredible actress, highly acclaimed and recognized for her comedic timing and ability to make any film role magical.

Her relevance has not faded either, also starring in several films each decade, choosing them carefully for her IMDB page to look as perfect as her tracklists. Singer, dancer, actress, fashion inspiration, the woman does everything.

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Not to ever be forgotten, Cher is an Academy Award winning actress for her role in "Moonstruck" released in 1987. Cher plays a middle-aged Italian-American woman who has agreed to marry a man she does not love. Before they get married, he asks her to get his brother to forgive him.

To her dismay, she falls in love with his brother, played by Nicolas Cage, who is a nutty dude with a passion for opera. The film received several Oscar nominations and wins.



In 1990, Cher starred in "Mermaids" alongside a young Winona Ryder and tiny Christina Ricci. The story follows Cher in 1963 as a divorced mother with daughters from different men, dragging the girls across the country to new towns every time she experiences heartbreak.

Winona's character is religious and tired of her mother's spontaneity, often denying her own desires as a woman. The film feels like an easy novel filled with wacky adventures and warm, familial love between a mother and daughters.


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In 2010, Cher starred alongside fellow recording artist and belting expert Christina Aguilera for "Burlesque". A sexy and fun film with original music, the ladies dance and sing their way through a burlesque heavy storyline. Cher plays the club owner who sacrifices everything to save it from closing.

Aguilera plays a small town girl who travels to Los Angeles to be free of her past and finds passion in performance. Filled with dramatic and fun scenes, it's not a film to miss.

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

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Cher's latest and maybe her greatest role was less than fifteen minutes in screentime, but she basically steals everyone's thunder. In "Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again" Cher plays Meryl Streep's estranged mother who kicked her out after realizing she was pregnant.

Coming to her daughter's funeral, Cher tries to reconnect through her granddaughter at the re-opening of their island hotel. Sensationally, she sings to Andy Garcia, an ex-lover, her rendition of ABBA's "Fernando". Afterward, she released a cover album of ABBA's greatest hits.

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