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What the 'This Is Us' Timelines Have Taught Us About Kevin Pearson's Fate

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By Samantha Agate

Last week's episode of 'This Is Us' gave us our first glimpse of Kevin Pearson as an older man, with salt and pepper hair that sent the internet into a swooning frenzy. We learned that Kevin used his father's blueprint and built up a house near their childhood cabin, one that his father never got to live to see. This gives us insight into how the series will end, with several glimpses of Rebecca taking her final breaths in the comfort of someone's home, which we now know is the one Kevin built.

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Who is the Lucky Lady?

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While it still is unclear which woman Kevin will end up with at the end, we know he does end up having kids and he and his family live in this extravagant house in the woods later on in his life. Present-day Kevin slept with Kate's best friend Madison, but it is not set in stone that she is the one he ultimately settles down with. Kevin has been juggling several relationships throughout the series and it even looked like at one point that he would get back with his ex-wife Sophie yet again.

The Younger Years

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It was clear in Kevin's younger years that Sophie was the girl he wanted to be with, but with present-day Sophie engaged, it doesn't seem like that is going to end up happening. Although, we do know how much these producers like to throw curveballs our way so nothing can be ruled out. He also had a relationship with Beth's cousin Zoe that seemed like it would go the distance until she revealed that she didn't want to have kids. Present-day Kevin has made it very clear that he wants to have kids.

Tension Between Siblings

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Several episodes this season have eluded to siblings Randall and Kevin not speaking for some reason but we have yet to find out why. They seem visibly angry at each other, but again, these producers are good at making us wait to find out the juicy details. Right now, present-day Randall and Kevin are on speaking terms as they look to navigate their mother's recent diagnoses that she is more than likely to lose her memory with her old age.

Back to the Future

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One thing producers have revealed is that the ending of the series has been planned out since the beginning. They have known exactly how they want to end it and hope it satisfies all of the viewers expectations and answers all of their burning questions. And the one thing that is certain for Kevin's future self is that he will continue to make us laugh, feel his pain and anguish over the loss of his dad, and deliver great one-liners that will become your favorite new gif in a matter of minutes.

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