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What Happened to 'RHONY' Star Jules Wainstein's Marriage?

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By meghanpeper

Jules Wainstein may not have been a Real Housewife of New York for very long, but the impact she left on viewers is storied.

Coming in hot as the new, leggy, thin, self-proclaimed half Asian and half Jewish housewife, Wainstein postured herself as a new force to be reckoned with on the New York scene-that is, before we learned what was lurking below the surface. It would take very little time before the murk began to bubble up. Based on everything we've learned about her marriage since Jules left RHONY, it's not too surprising the murk that just bubbled up this past week.

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According to Page Six, Wainstein was arrested and booked at around 3:50pm on Sunday in Palm Beach, Florida for allegedly punching Michael, licking his window, and eventually hitting his back car windows with a bat...all during a drop off with the kids.

The couple has made headlines since their divorce, even garnering the label of "Most Insane Real Housewives Divorce" by The Cut...and that's a pretty deep pool to pull from! So, what makes Jules and Michael Wainstein's divorce and aftermath so unique? Let's explore!

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The couple certainly made waves in the Bravosphere. I mean, look at them. They couldn't be more mismatched...both visually and according to their values. Bethenny Frankel once described them as R2D2 and C3P0 (speaking, of course, to their vast difference in height)...which, we can't really deny is leaning toward fully accurate...

But aside from a physical difference, what else was going with the Wainstein's? Well, according to the article from The Cut, Jule discovered her husband cheating on her in their apartment, and Michael filed for divorce officially on June 15, 2016.

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Many people, including co-star Bethenny Frankel, would accuse Wainstein of using the show as her escape route out of her marriage, alleging she only agreed to be on the show as a means to have a stable job in place when her impending divorce inevitably came around (a la Camille Grammer).

If the drama leading up to the divorce wasn't enough, the couple made tidal waves throughout the proceedings. Between allowing the media to be far too closely informed on the divorce proceedings themselves, the couple also through wild accusations at each other, including a claim from Michael that Jules had spend a five-figure check in a matter of two days, saving none for the two children the couple shares.

With the accusations the couple has thrown back and forth since the divorce began in 2016, it's not all that surprising that the couple hasn't come to terms with cooperative co-parenting. The unfortunate reality of the current battery charge against Wainstein is that the incident happened in front of the couple's two children, Jagger and Rio. Wainstein had been staying in Boca Raton, FL with her parents, and from the way things are panning out, let's hope it stays that way.

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