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Pete Davidson Comes Clean About His Relatinoship with Ariana Grande In Interview with Charmengle Tha God

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By Caleb Pugh

Man no offense but who would have thought that Pete Davidson would be able to date somebody like Ariana Grande. Then who would have thought they would be the "IT" couple in the entertainment industry. Well, 2018 was a weird year for most of us, like we had killer clowns for like a month. But their relationship was supported by many of Ariana Grande fans while others felt she moved on too soon from her previous relationship to deceased rapper Mac Miller. But did his death play a huge role in why Pete and Ariana broke up?

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For many people like myself, the relationship between Davidson and Granda was a random one, to say the least. The relationship started in May of 2018 as reports went out that Grande and Pete's mom spent the whole night together at a Saturday Night Live after-party. At the same time, Pete was also ending his relationship with Cazzie David, Larry Davids daughter. Towards the end of May, Davidson and Grande sparked dating rumors when it was noticed they had matching tattoos. Fans were quick to attack Ariana's decision to move on from Mac after he released an album dedicated to her.

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Ariana defends her decisions asking fans why she should have to stay in a[ toxic relationship] because Mac drops an album abut her. She also spoke on his addiction and having to beg him to stop doing drugs and go to therapy. Fans then clap back at Ariana saying how Pete has mental health issues( he has BPD and MPD) which made Pete defend himself saying just because he has a mental illness doesn't mean he can't be in a relationship or still be a normal human being.

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The couple became engaged literally a month after they announced they were together. It shocked the world but it wasn't a shock to Davidson. Davidson stated that it was love at first sight with Grande. The couple didn't last long in spite of the ring. They called it quits in September of 2018 after agreeing on them, "Both feeling like it wasn't the right time." Many people didn't know how to take it, as before leading up to that they both did interviews talking about how in love they are. Ariana Grande also went on Nicki Minaj radio show Queens Radio and said that she and Pete were getting married very soon.

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The two of them went their separate ways without shedding much light on the reason why they broke it. Until now, Pete not only sheds light on his past relationship with Grande in his Netflix comedy special but also spoke upon it during his interview with Charmengle Tha God. During the interview, Pete talks about how Mac Miller's death took a toll on Ariana Grande and his relationship. Davidson stated "She’d even tell you this. I was like, listen, 'I get it. Do whatever you gotta do. I’ll be here.' I literally said—I think I said, 'I'll be here until you don't want me to be here.' I pretty much knew it was around over after that. That was really horrible and I can't imagine what that shit is like. That shit is just terrible. All I do know is that she really loved the shit out of him and she wasn't putting on a show or anything. That was fucked up, and prayers to his family and all of his friends, still." Davidson also said that even though Grande did take shots at him he still wishes her the best.

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