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Will Wendy Williams Step Down From Her Iconic Talk Show?

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By kenadijiba

The drama going on behind the scenes with Wendy Williams and her crew at the show looks to be rising. For years there have been rumors surrounding Wendy and whether she even enjoys her job anymore. After she publicly separated from her very involved husband Kevin Hunter, Wendy came back to the show a new woman. She was “dipping and doing” it for the culture and people were beyond excited for her to give them the tea on the daily.

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Pep In Her Step

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Initially, Wendy did return with a strong pep in her step to serve up Hot Topics on a silver platter. Her shade was sufficiently witty and people found her to be more entertaining than ever before. But, like every intense high there does come a level of stagnation. Wendy does not look like she gives a damn about what's going on in the media sphere anymore. In fact during Hot Topics she leans more towards discussions about her cats than anything else that's going on.

Cutting Slack To Celeb's

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She has also been called out for going less hard on those who she now spends time with outside of the show. Something fans loved about Wendy from the get go was her desire to separate celebrities from herself. Now, she has become the exact person she criticizes. She is a “celebrity” and she is losing her grit just like she's accused Howard Stern of doing. Naturally everyone grows with time and those things you adored gossiping about before might not be of importance to you now.


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Wendy has also been involved in a plethora of controversies in just the last three months, and more are to come if she doesn't lasso in her jumbling of issues. Her lack of cohesive storytelling is another reason as to why fans are losing interest and believe Wendy probably won't renew her show for another season, even if given the opportunity. The fact that Wendy does have enough money and is living a comfortable life with friends and a possible new life shows why she doesn't have time for the show.

When It Ends...

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Speaking of the future, what does it look like for Wendy after the show inevitably ends? Although the moment will be emotional, will there be a replacement? Sherri Shepherd did a fantastic job as a substitute when Wendy was out. But, if the leave is permanent there will have to be another show with the same type of essense to take over that time slot and fill in where Wendy left off. Still, as much as Wendy does get on peoples nerves she is a beloved cultural icon.

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