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Is Jordyn Woods The Kangaroo On 'The Masked Singer?'

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By Samantha Agate

How many times do you say, "who is that?" while watching 'The Masked Singer?' The amount of anticipation you have before a masked singer is finally revealed is unreal. This season features the kangaroo, a powerful vocalist that the judges instantly fell in love with. She tends to sing songs that have more of an emotional connection to the audience instead of extremely theatrical or busy performances. Many fans on social media have speculated that the kangaroo is actually Kylie Jenner's former bestie, Jordyn Woods.

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In the clue package for the kangaroo, it was mentioned that she recently lost an important person in her life. Woods' friendship with Jenner ended after she kissed Khloe Kardashian's ex Tristan Thompson. This particular clue in the package for the kangaroo could be referring to losing out on having Jenner in her life. Woods lived with Jenner before news of this scandal broke, but was asked to move out when Jenner and the Kardashian's got word of what had transpired behind their backs.

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At a recent art event, Woods mentioned that she loves watching 'The Masked Singer.'A lot of the celebrities we see on the show are big fans of it, so perhaps Woods is actually on the show living out her dream as a fan. When asked if she was the kangaroo she refuted the claim, but perhaps she was playing coy. Of course, each person on the show would want to keep their identity hidden before they are actually revealed to the audience.

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Other clues that point to Woods being the kangaroo are the fact that she said she was on the wrong side of the spotlight for a while. This could be a chance for her to show people a whole new side of her and finally dissociate her with being a homewrecker or someone who did something wrong. She mentions that she has a little roo, which could be referring to Jenner's daughter Stormi whom she was very close to before all the drama went down.

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The judges continuously guessed that the kangaroo could be Jordin Sparks or Kelly Rowland but fans still are not buying it based on the clues that were given. If Woods does turn out to be the kangaroo, she would join previously revealed celebs Lil Wayne, Drew Carey, Chaka Kahn, and Tony Hawk. Regardless of who it is, there is one thing for certain, audiences will still be thoroughly entertained trying to make their guesses and put all of the clues together.

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