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Are Meghan Markle's Family Making Fools Of Themselves?

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By Carol Cassada

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thought they'd be able to put the negativity behind them after stepping back from their royal duties.

However, Meghan continues to receive criticism. Only this time it's her estranged father Thomas who is bashing his daughter.

It's well-known that Meghan doesn't have a good relationship with her father and her half-siblings.

Thomas along with Meghan's siblings have constantly bashed her. They often appear in television interviews making wild claims against The Duchess of Sussex.

As Meghan's estranged family continues with their bashing, the more foolish they look to the public.

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Meghan's childhood

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Meghan is the only child born to Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle. Although, Thomas did have two older children, Samantha and Thomas Jr., from a previous marriage.

Meghan was about six years-old when her parents divorced, and she reportedly had a good relationship with her father and siblings.

However, as Meghan grew older the became estranged from Thomas and her siblings. It's not known the cause of the estrangement, but Thomas, Samantha, and Thomas Jr. seem bitter towards Meghan.

Some speculate that Meghan's fame had something to do with the estrangement with her family. While the rest of the Markle family says Meghan's stardom has changed her, Meghan supporters believe the family's jealous of her success.

No invitation to the wedding

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Meghan and Harry's wedding took place on May 19, 2018, in a televised ceremony.

The only member of Meghan's family who was present was her mother Doria.

Meghan's father was supposed to be at the wedding and walk his daughter down the aisle. However, days before the ceremony was to take place, Thomas found himself in some drama.

First off, paparazzi photos showed Thomas getting fitted for a suit for his daughter's wedding. Later it was revealed that Thomas had staged the photos.

After the photos were released Thomas kept changing his mind about whether he'd go to the wedding. While he confirmed he was going to be at there, just three days before the ceremony he claimed he was undergoing heart surgery for chest pains.

With Thomas out, Prince Charles stepped in to walk Meghan down the aisle.

Family's accusations

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Meghan's family has been badmouthing her ever since she announced her engagement to Harry.

Her half-sister Samantha was the first to speak out.

Samantha has claimed that Meghan is a gold digger and a social climber who is using Harry.

When Meghan and Harry announced they were stepping back from their royal duties, Samantha was once again in the news slamming the couple for their decision and claiming Meghan was jealous of Kate Middleton.

Aside from Samantha, Thomas has also spoken out about his daughter and promises to continue revealing more secrets.

As for Meghan's brother Thomas Jr, even though he's not outspoken as his dad and sister, he was rumored to have written a letter to Harry telling him marrying Meghan would be a huge mistake.

The family looks foolish

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While critics of Meghan love the juicy gossip coming from her family, others feel that the family is out to make a name for themselves.

Meghan's family is quick to blame her for the estrangement with their family, however it appears she's not the only relative they're strained from.

Thomas Jr and Samantha are reportedly estranged from their own children. Thomas Jr's son along with Samantha's daughter have spoken out about their parents embarrassing behavior. Even Thomas Jr and Samantha's mother Rosalyn Loveless has called out her children for their smear campaign.

Many of Meghan's fans feel that her father and siblings have not right to criticize her when they have made plenty of past mistakes. They believe that the family is jealous of Meghan's fame and are using her to put themselves in the spotlight.

While the family continues to look like fools by cashing in on Meghan's name to earn a quick buck, Meghan and Harry are planning for their future.

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