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Rossum in formal wear

Former 'Shameless' Star Emmy Rossum Eager for Change with Upcoming Show, 'Angelyne'

Gettyimages | Sean Zanni
By Z Staehling

Emmy Rossum, Former star of Shameless (before she left the show last season), has a new and exciting role for us as Hollywood's pop-culture figure Angelyne. The show shares the name of the woman in question, and it has Emmy completely devoted to character acting. Being seen in complete head-to-chest prosthetic make up, she is virtually unrecognizable. This is a role that will show us her true range as an actress, and her ability to conform to another person's nuances. Or it will show us a career suicide from an actress who once saw success in television.

Who is Angelyne?

Angelyne in pink in driver's seat of pink car
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Angelyne is an American singer, actress, personality and model who became famous in the mid-80's for her revealing and sexually suggestive billboards that said nothing but her name, Angelyne. Which would make sense why the show shares the same name only, because that's all you need to know who you're talking about. Even today she has found a way to stay fairly relevant in the Hollywood scene. She has become a local personality and staple who represents a certain feminist ideal that promotes body positivity and self-love for decades. She has never completely left the spotlight, with brow-raising interviews and being photographed riding around in her famous pink Corvette.

About the show

Rossum in pink suit
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Peacock's (NBC's upcoming streaming service), "Angelyne" will have Angelyne herself on board as producer and much-needed provider of the life she lives from a firsthand perspective. The choice to do this will make for a most genuine account of the crazy stories and experiences the starlet has had. Having the real subject close to production of their own story is almost never a bad move. We'll see if things get hot on set, as they are bound to when Angelyne in on the lot.

Can she do it?

rossum in pink dress
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Emmy's transformation has drummed up quite the publicity, but can she live up to the hype? She hasn't seen much success outside of playing Fiona Gallagher, in fact she's seen her fair share of flops (Dragon Ball Z), but she's never taken on a role quite like this, and everyone is excited to see how she does. It's never easy to play a real person on the screen, and the world has seen an equal amount of success (Rami Malek as freddy Mercury) and utter failure (Travolta as Gotti)

New Role New Emmy?

rossum in red lips and suit
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While this role is a big career risk, if successful, it would be a massive career reward that would solidify Rossum as a respected presence in the television world. After finding success as Angelyne, she would be able to take her pick for a next role, and people are going to be chomping at the bit to work with her. But, if Angelyne proves to be a flop for both Rossum and NBC, she will find herself in big career trouble and wondering why she left "Shameless" in the first place.

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