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Skai Jackson's Mother Had To Intervene In Her Tween Feud With Bhad Bhabie

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By Ben Robinson III

Sometimes when you look at the war of words that go back and forth on Twitter it almost resembles something you would experience in high school. One person says something mean, which is countered by something even meaner. And then the cycle continues until either violence erupts offline or the two parties decide to call a truce, only to enter into a new beef with someone else. Ah well. Such is the nature of life in the realm of social media.

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The thing that really becomes disheartening is when the beef takes place between adults. However, do kids get a pass as well? One needs to ask this question when reviewing the beef between Dr. Phil guest turned rapper Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie) and Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. These two, sixteen years old and seventeen years old respectively, have been at each others' throats for quite some time making many wonder why are these kids so mad at each other? Well, it goes pretty deep.

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Apparently, this Mickey Mouse Fight Club mess began when Bhabie allegedly sent a shot about stealing 'Little Miss Disney's' man, which prompted fans to believe she was taking about Skai. But Skai immediaely slapped those rumors down by posting to her Instagram Story that she and Bhabie were cool. That should have been the end of this Sandbox Smackdown, but it only got worse from there. About a year later Bhabie puffed up her chest and announced she was ready to fight Skai!

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Distractify reports;

Danielle took to social media to vent about Skai "talking s--t on her little page again." On her Instagram Story, she posted: "Still can’t keep my name out of her mouth, SMH. This Disney thot wanna play… OK baby, let’s play then"

The 16-year-old also livestreamed her entire rant, where she claimed that Skai was obsessed with her, then went on to threaten the actress. She said: "Why are you so obsessed with me, b---h? I will literally kill you. I don’t know why you’re not understanding that. You’re so small, if I get my hands on you… it’s over, you’re going to the hospital."

Allegedly the two were also feuding over rapper NBA Youngboy previously, because high school. But while Bhabie was fuming Skai was posting about her accomplishments, and none of them included engaging with Bhadie's bad behavior.

Now it appears that their beef has broiled over into their mother's lives, as Bhabie decided to address the situation on Skai's mother Kiya Cole's social media page. After Kiya's scathing barrage of remarks, including "I'm NOT having it! Take this sh-t somewhere else and leave my damn daughter alone." Bhabie's mother, Barbara Bregoli, clapped back immediately.

After the heated exchange took place, Danielle said on her Instagram Story: "Bro, this lil girl got her momma coming at me. Wow, she dead a-- that scared."

Meanwhile, her mom actually shared the entire conversation to her page, then proceeded to post a tabloid snapshot of Skai apparently being "exposed." She said: Just found this very interesting @kiyacole.

The moral of this story is that they all need to have several seats because this is a lesson in what not to teach your kids. Highly entertaining? Yes. Still, very unnecessary.

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