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Skai Jackson looks incredible in this black shiny dress at an event and her make-up is incredible.

Skai Jackson & Bhad Bhabie Dragged Their Moms Into A Feud They Started

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Disney Channel star actress known as Skai Jackson is in another online battle with another youngster, but it is not who you are expecting it to be. The actress was once involved in a fierce feud with Azealia Banks, but after a while, it became stale news. However, it now seems like she is getting back on track as she has recently started feuding with another popular personality known as Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Brigoli). You may be in for a shock when you read further so brave yourself.

Bhad Bhabie looks flawless in denim pant and black T’s with a pair of boots to match.
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Jackson and Bregoli’s feud kicked off after a comment on social media and ever since, the duo have had it in for each other. What is worse is that they involved their mothers into their court of shades and things got out of hand when they started daring and challenging one another. How it all got to this point? Well, here’s the full story.

In 2018, there was a rumor going around on social media that Brogeli and Jackson were in a heated fight, but Jackson shit these rumors down saying there was nothing between them.

Skai Jackson’s melanin is popping as she looks gorgeous in this yellow dress.
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After Jackson shut the rumors down, fans were calm, however, things changed about a year later. Fans were disturbed when Bregoli went on a rampage on social media and supposedly challenged a “Disney” star, although she did not mention any names. She also openly challenged the person she was addressing to a fight by saying; “let’s play.”

Fans were certain that Bregoli and Jackson were coming at each other when the rapper shared a video on her Instagram story, saying that Jackson was obsessed with her.

Bhad Bhabie looks incredibly beautiful in this mint-green armless dress that shows off her tats.
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The rapper also mentioned that one of the issues she had with Jackson is over her ex-boyfriend, YoungBog, who is an NBA player. Bregoli was clear in her threats that she would beat Jackson up if she could not stop bugging her all the time.

Fans were expecting Jackson to reply the tapper’s messages in kind, but she did not. Rather, after blocking Bregoli, Jackson made a post about the list of things she was trying to accomplish. On the list, Jackson mentioned that she had no time for Negativity.


When Bregoli found out that Jackson was not paying her any attention, she went after her mother. However, unlike Jackson who decided to be mute, Kiya Cole came at Bregoli immediately, asking her to leave her daughter alone.

Immediately, Bregoli’s mother, Barbara Ann Bregoli shaded Kiya and asked her to speak to her daughter. There were a lot of harsh spoke words, and that was the end. No one knows if the feud between Jackson and Bhad Bhabie is finally over, but Jackson is not paying any attention to it and so is her mother.

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