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Is Joe Gorga Lying About His House Flipping Business on Instagram?

Gettyimages | Manny Carabel
By meghanpeper

He may be everyone's favorite House Husband, but lately, Joe Gorga has been in the hot seat for posting what are allegedly dubious pictures on Instagram with captions claiming he and his company flipped the homes. Page Six reports that the reality star (and brother of Teresa Giudice) posted "before" and "after" images to his Instagram account, claiming the images were of a renovation he did with his company. The problem is...the owner of the "after" home chimed in, claiming that not only did he have nothing to do with the flip, but the "before" home isn't even the home she bought before flipping her own.

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Gettyimages | Manny Carabel

Gorga has denied the claims, but a history of dubious posting about his company and the work they do have come to light since questionable Instagram post was made. Eagle-eyed followers have noticed a discrepancy in many of the posts Gorga has made to his account going back to January of 2020 when he posted a gorgeous remodeled kitchen captioned as "another flip." Unfortunately for Mr. New Jersey, the photographer who took the photo, Nadav Havakook, accused Gorga of using the photo without permission from the photographer himself-signifying Gorga had nothing to do with the flip or the resulting photo shoot.

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The Gorga family as a whole is not new to stepping in hot water and wading around in it for a while. Joe's sister, Teresa Guidice, was sentenced to 15-months in prison for fraud. Teresa served 11-months of her sentence before she was released. Teresa's husband, Joe, was sentenced to 41-months for fraud as well.

While the alleged "crimes" between brother and sister don't match up in terms of severity, there seems to be a slight pattern of behavior between the two when it comes to deceit, it may seem.

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When it comes to New Jersey, fraud and reality shows seems to go hand in hand. The Gorga's and Giudice's aren't the only New Jersey residents that have been accused of fraudulent behavior. Mike "the Situation" Sorrentino plead guilty to violating federal tax laws and was sentenced to 8 months in prison for his crimes.

Based on the FBI's ability to nail these Jersey fraudsters down, it seems like the wise decision would be to lay low and not blast your tricky ways all over social media...but what fun would that be?

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The question remains though. Why post something that's so easily proven as false? Page Six confirmed with the owner of the "after" home, Caley Svennson, that not only is the home in the "after" image her's, but the home in the "before" image isn't even in the same part of town!

Now, anyone with two eyes could see just by looking at the photos that they aren't the same home, but Gorga still captioned the post as quoted: "Look at this flip worth $1.9m. Took me 6 months to turn this around. Ripped off the roof & added to the second floor. I think I might move in.”

Gorga has since stepped back on his claims, saying instead that he simply helped fund a number of projects he once insinuated he had "flipped" instead. It leaves one to wonder, is Joe Gorga the next Jeff Lewis of the east, or is he following down the footsteps of his other Jersey counterparts?

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