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Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio's Dad Prepared Leonardo for Success Due to a Weird Job

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By Nicholas Vrchoticky

It's no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is close to both of his parents. His mom, Irmelin Indenbirken, is often spotting filling the role of DiCaprio's date to awards shows and events, such as Irmelin accompanying her son to the Golden Globes for the almost past two decades. And, where she's definitely the better known of the parents, Goerge played an important role in Leonardo's life as well.

A father who has given advice, support, and confidence to DiCaprio, George has been behind his son every step of the way, and his job didn't hinder his son's success either.

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Leonardo's parents split when he was young

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Irmelin and George split when Leonardo was only one year old, but both stayed involved in their son's life. The two did a great job of co-parenting before the word became a popular buzz phrase, raising their son in an unconventional, yet loving and supportive, environment.

Apparently, co-parenting was the right thing to do in DiCaprio's case, made evident by the works the star had put out for the world to enjoy, even if he would describe his parents as "bohemians in every sense of the word."

George's job

comic books
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As young Leonardo was growing up, his father was working as a comic book distributor and performance artist. Because of his job, George often brought his son to events, allowing him to be exposed to a wide range of people and lifestyles.

Leonardo disclosed in an interview with USA Weekend in 2010 that he was "exposed to, like, the most hardcore hippie subculture any young man would be subject to, with the Fabulous Freak Brothers, Zap and Weirdo comics."

Goerge was also fond of bringing his son to concerts, Leonardo told Rolling Stone, saying:

"The earliest memory I have is me at some hippie concert with my dad."

DiCaprio's parents were involved in his career

Irmelin Indenbirken and Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo had made a name for himself through several roles on television and bigger roles in films, such as What's Eating Gilbert Grape and The Basketball Diaries, by the time he was 20 years old. It's speculated that many other actors his age wouldn't have been able to pull off those roles, but those young actors wouldn't have DiCaprio's parents.

In 1995, The New York Times Magazine did a piece profiling DiCaprio. Since he only lived a couple of miles from his mother at the time, he'd often meet up to discuss his career trajectory in detail, with his parents being involved in the details, including being employees of their son's production company.

George helped DiCaprio choose projects

Leonardo and George DiCaprio
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DiCaprio's success is due largely to roles he finds himself in, roles that challenge him as an actor or stories that are compelling. His career wasn't about chasing down money or jumping into fluff projects, and a lot of that has to do with his father.

George was often the one reading through scripts sent to his son and deciding which project would be worth looking into. You can thank George for DiCaprio taking his role in Total Eclipse and others. And, you can thank both of Leonardo's parents for their continued support that shaped the award-winning actor's future.

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