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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's Parents Were Very Much Involved in Making Him the Success he is Today

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo
By Clarissa Wilson

Although Leonardo DiCaprio's parents called it quits on their relationship when he was just a one-year-old child, he still had an extremely close relationship with both of them all throughout his childhood and well into the adult, he is now. In fact, if it wasn't for his close relationship with both his mom and dad, he may not be as much of a success as he is today.

His mother's name is Irmelin Indenbirken and his dad's name is George DiCaprio.

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Leonardo DiCaprio
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Although his mom gets a large part of the spotlight with him by often attending awards ceremonies and other celebrity and red carpet events with him as his date, his dad was also, and still is, a large part of his life.

The elder DiCaprio, George gave him a ton of advice, helped build up his confidence as he was growing up, and supported him a lot during the early part of his career and even now, while he is a successful actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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George also exposed Leonardo to a lot of different people and a wide variety of lifestyles while he was a young boy. DiCaprio grew up in a lifestyle and with parents he described as 'bohemians' at one time. Although their lifestyle was a conventional one back then, they did everything in their power to provide him with a loving and healthy environment.

George was a comic distributor while Leonardo was growing up and often took his son to events with him.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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He also worked as a performance artist. At one time, George even worked on a comic book for his close friend back then, Timothy Leary. This was back in the late 70s. Leary was most famous for his scientific work on psychedelic drugs such as LSD.

Leonardo told US Weekend back in 2010, "At a young age, I was exposed to, like, the most hardcore hippie subculture any young man would be subject to, with the Fabulous Freak Brothers, Zap, and Weirdo comics.”

Leonardo DiCaprio
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His dad also took him to concerts with him and he told The Rolling Stone about his earliest childhood memory. He said, "The earliest memory I have is me at some hippie concert with my dad.”

Back in 1995, during an interview Leonardo had with New York Times Magazine, the younger DiCaprio took the writer of the magazine, Jesse Green through his old childhood neighborhoods where he grew up.

After taking him through the old neighborhoods he grew up in, he then took him to the homes he grew up when he lived with his mother during his childhood.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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His father lived a couple of miles away from where Leo lived with his mother. George lived with his girlfriend at the time. However, his dad, his mom, and his dad's girlfriend would all three meet at his mom's house to talk about their son's future projects, schedule, and anything else pertaining to his success in the movie and television industry. During this time, both his mom and dad worked for his production company and were both fully committed to seeing that their son succeeds in his career to be successful and happy.

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