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Joaquin Phoenix

A Glimpse at Joaquin Phoenix’s Crazy Dating History

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By Alan Blake

Successful, wealthy, famous, and handsome are just a few of the words that describe Joaquin Phoenix perfectly. With such a description comes a crazy dating history, and Joaquin is proof of that.

Best known for his role as the Joker for which he has also bagged a string of awards, the 44-year-old actor may have finally found his dream lady but not before having a couple of false starts. From Liv Tyler to Anna Paquin, check out Joaquin’s crazy dating history below.

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It All Started with Liv Tyler

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Famed for playing against Hollywood’s rules and a great liking for dark and conflicted roles Joaquin Phoenix first rose to fame in the early 80s for his roles in movies such as 8mm and the Gladiator. His first major public romance with a fellow celebrity was with Liv Tyler.

The two reportedly met while filming Inventing the Abbots and secretly became an item even before the filming of the movie could be complete. However, it seems Joaquin was looking for something more exciting, which eventually saw them part ways in 1998.

Then Came a Long String of Celebrities

The Joker
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As mentioned, Joaquin Phoenix was on a quest to find a more exciting relationship. After his breakup with Liv Tyler, The Joker went on to date a handful of successful, beautiful, and equally famous women. These include True Blood actor Anna Paquin, Ginnifer Goodwin of Once Upon a Time, Anna Friel of Pushing Daisies, and a long string of others.

Of all these relationships, one that seemed to have offered what he was looking for was his four-year relationship with Topaz Page-Green, a famed South African model.

Why His Love Life was a Roller Coaster of Women

Joaquin Phoenix
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Looking at the long string of women, he has dated in the past — it's safe to tag his love life as a roller coaster of women. This is, however, no surprise because back then, he was not only mischievous but also viewed himself as a hedonist. He, therefore, had a completely different perception of relationships and was only looking for a good time.

Being at the peak of his career, the actor preferred the fun life, and to add excitement to it, Joaquin once lied about being engaged.

But Now He is on a Different Wavelength

Joaquin Phoenix
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Joaquin's mischievous era finally fizzled out, and he's now engaged to the beautiful Rooney Mara. The two first met while filming Her in 2012, and although they secretly had a crush on each other, they didn't hit it off at first.

Joaquin admits to being smitten to the extent of looking her up on the internet. They began dating in 2016 and have kept a low profile since. But word on the street is that they’re set to tie the knot soon. We wish them nothing but love and light!

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