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Bachelor stars Chris Harrison and Peter Weber with a rose

'The Bachelor' for Seniors? Get Ready for the 'Early-Bird' Special!

Gettyimages | VALERIE MACON
By Mark Evans

We are nearing the end of another season of "The Bachelor," and questions are flowing about whether or not Peter Weber will get down on one knee. And if he does, who will he be proposing to? Bachelor fans have been scouring the episodes looking for clues and there are a vast number of plot twists in the minds of the fans. There are even some rumors out there that Peter will choose someone who is not even in the competition.

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Senior Couple
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Well, even before the season comes to a close, there is some breaking information about the upcoming season of the show that has perked the interest of some older fans. According to a recent casting call, "The Bachelor" may be looking to seniors for the next cast of characters looking for the final rose. An official ABC casting call is asking for potential contestants who are at least 65 years of age. They seem to have set their aim on a whole new demographic for the popular show.

older couple
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The production company behind both "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" has not confirmed the decision, but they are also not denying it. The call is certainly vague, but it clearly asks for men and women over the age of 65 who are active and outgoing. They must be interested in participating in a dating competition. The company must be aware that there are older fans out there who are ready to find love. Fans seem convinced that the series will be at least a take on "The Bachelor."

Chris Harrison
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When some reporters caught up with the show's host, Chris Harrison, at LAX recently, he played it cool. Harrison simply said that everyone deserves to find love and also indicated why ABC may be focused on seniors. The host said that he is often asked about the possibility of a season filled with older contestants. He even claimed that it is the number one question he gets asked from fans. Reporters went on to try a find out information about how this season will end, but Harrison didn't give any details.

older woman with a rose
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The casting call asked some pointed questions about the past of potential senior contestants. They wanted to know the number of marriages they’ve had, if they have children and grandchildren and what the reason was that their prior relationships ended. Each person was asked what their preference was in a partner and why they wanted to find love on a TV show. It is not known when this show could premiere, the process of casting could take months. How popular do you think a show with this focus will be?

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