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Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling's Emotional Post about Her Kids Getting Bullied

Gettyimages | Noel Vasquez
By Reed Chelcie

Tori Spelling is a mother of five, although she had to put up with her husband's son from his first marriage. Beverly Hills, 90210, may have made her quite a celebrity that has been the center of attraction for shamers. However, her problems do not just stem from her status, but also the children she co-parents with Dean McDermott.

The shamers seemingly are ever on their toes to blast Tori for any reason, ranging from letting her kids chose odd colors for dye, to their outfits and weight.

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Tori Spelling Bursts out in a Post

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott
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On Saturday, Spelling dropped a long and emotional Instagram post detailing how her children had been through bullying, adding that it was way too much, and she couldn't keep silent. According to her, Stella 11 has taken more than enough bullying in her life.

She allegedly was bullied at school, although nothing happened about it. She, in turn, played the victim, with the bully getting zero consequences. The administration claimed to be talking to the bully's parent, and that he was trying to change.

Spelling's Daughter Suffered Bullying in Two Schools

Tori Spelling
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As Tori proceeds to reveal, her daughter's suffering was unfairly dismissed for the reason that the bully's parents were in the school's board. They allegedly gave the school a lot of money, and so the not financially well of Tori would never win over them.

Tori and Dean later moved Stella to a new school, although it later proved not the best decision. She once again suffered the same cruelty. She received comments, this time round over sexual issues and her weight.

Tori's Daughter has Panic Attacks

Tori Spelling
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Stella has been through a lot for her age. The circumstances seem to have left a psychological impact on her. As her mom reveals, she suffers panic attacks, and she is not willing to be in school. Her new school had taken action against the bully and expelled him, although he had already inflicted the damage. The administration, however, was inconsiderate of Liam's case.

Emotional Tori recounts what Stella had told her two years back about her wanting to work towards women empowerment, or become president.

Spelling's son Liam Becomes a Bully Victim in the Same School as Sister

Tori Spelling and her family
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

Tori Spelling accused his son's former principal of insulting their son, a thing that made an impact on the poor boy. The principal allegedly described Liam as a lazy and unmotivated boy, making Liam believe he was stupid.

He joined middle school in the same school with Stella, where he again got bullied to the point of developing severe head and stomach aches, out of the emotional torture. Sadly, Liam's case did not attract the intervention of the school, as had been the case with Stella.

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