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Dwyane Wade's Transgender Daughter Is Still Under Social Media Fire And Fans Are Clapping Back

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By Desmund Ullrich

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union changed the world of celebrity parenting this past Thanksgiving by letting the public in on their private lives. During the holiday season, the family was under much scrutiny for posting photos to the starlet's Instagram accounts of their daughter Zaya who then identified as male, as assigned at birth.

Though the post had nothing to do with Zaya directly, it opened up dialogue into the importance of gender identity issues and set an example for parents everywhere.

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Dwyane Wade, known for his very successful NBA career has made multiple appearances to educate the public, including an emotional interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This was more than iconic, considering the fact that Ellen is most known for her own groundbreaking coming out episode on her popular TV Sitcom in 1997.

On a recent Good Morning America discussion about his new documentary "Powerful Message", Wade confirmed that Zaya identifies as female with the love and support of the family.

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Wade also mentions the importance that education will play in helping his 12-year-old navigate such a tricky life path. Also understanding the fact that he has been “the person in the locker room who has said the wrong word and wrong phrases” himself.

While Gabrielle and Dwyane are not the first Hollywood notables supporting a transgender child, they are certainly the first expressing their thoughts in the African American community. As a result, they are under attack on social media from various sources.

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Leading the wave of unsavory comments was rapper Boosie BadAzz who took to Instagram with a public rant about his objections in accepting Zaya's gender identity - in the most extreme fashion.

Even rapper Young Thug, an entertainer known for pushing gender-norms, has posted tweets that can be considered transphobic.

This comes to a surprise to many Twitter fans, as the rapper was most recently under scrutiny for wearing a dress on the cover of his “No My Name Is Jeffery” Album Cover.

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50 Cent, known for his “openness” on social media also found himself in the mix, latching on to the R. Kelly Controversy and the Wade family news at the same time posting a “I heard you had a daughter now” meme of D-Wade sitting next to the singer with the caption “This is funny”. The meme has since been removed as a result of fan backlash. However he has since found other clever ways to insert himself into popular topics, we wouldn’t expect anything less of 50.

While there may be some ignorance and hatred surrounding the topic, many fans and stars personally connected to the family are showing their support.

Back in November, Wade was able to ward off such attacks with love and kindness hopefully he can stay strong for Zaya. Regardless of the backlash, the Union-Wade family remains classy and humble.

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