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Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia

Which 'Teen Mom' Cast Members Does Farrah Abraham Keep In Touch With?

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By A. Elise

Once upon a time, Farrah Abraham was a teenager we watched on MTV's "Teen Mom." In fact, she was one of the first girls to appear on the show, along with co-stars Amber Portwood, Maci McKinney, and Catelynn Baltierra. Together, we watched Abraham have family arguments, move to Florida, go to culinary school, and eventually fight with producers.

Farrah was fired from Teen Mom following issues with production. While she has been vocal about her problems with MTV, many fans of the show wonder if she keeps in touch with her former co-stars.

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Farrah Abraham
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Abraham has been a controversial figure, even when she was on Teen Mom. In fact, her co-stars even banded together in an effort to get her kicked off the show after she appeared in an adult film.

So, how does Abraham feel after being ousted from the show while her co-stars continue to appear? Does she still feel sour toward them and their efforts to get her kicked off MTV? Well, it seems as if Abraham does not have a lot to do with them, so maybe so.

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Abraham is no teen mom at this point. At 28, she travels often with her daughter, Sophia. Abraham spoke to Us Weekly about the fact that she does not keep in touch with Portwood, McKinney, or Baltierra anymore.

Now, that does not mean she does not keep in touch with anybody from the crew of the show. According to Abraham, she keeps in touch with several executives associates with the show. She adds, "I'm just on an executive level, and that's where my life is."

Farrah Abraham
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In reference to her former co-stars, Abraham says she does not speak to people who "don't support" or "bash" her. She also says she will not talk to anybody who has "tried to hurt [her] or [her] family." Still, she does say that she wishes the other stars of the show the best and thinks they should keep doing what they're doing.

None of this is super surprising, considering that Abraham has had major verbal spats with Baltierra and McKinney. She and Portwood once even physically fought on stage.

Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia
Gettyimages | Daniele Venturelli

Many fans were intrigued by the fact that Abraham would admit to speaking with executives, especially because they were the ones to decide she should not longer be on the show. After all, it was because of her work in the adult industry and the spats with producers that followed that seemed to lead to her firing.

Could Abraham ever return to the franchise? Nothing seems to be in the works, but it also seems as if nothing is impossible. If Amber Portwood could remain on the show, maybe there's a future for Abraham on MTV?

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