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Justin Bieber Wow’s At Kanye’s Sunday Service

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By kenadijiba

Kanye West and his “Sunday Service” holds a place in many celebrities hearts when it comes to finding a safe space to feel respected, loved, and not judged. Someone who definitely needed a visit to this golden show is Justin Bieber. With his album “Changes” not doing so good and losing momentum as soon as it dropped, it is probably a great thing for Bieber to have a solid amount of self esteem in place after so much criticism came his way.

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Sunday Service

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In his last interview with Zane Lowe which was a clear illustration of why Bieber is still not 100 percent equipped to take on his upcoming tour, he also went into his religion. During his career Justin admitted that he believed in God, but he didn't really put the work in. Now, he has made faith a huge part of his life along with prioritizing his wife and hopefully future child. With all this information revealed, his showing up at Sunday Service was far from surprising.

The Video Touched Many

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He posted a video of not only his attendance but also his moment of doing what he does best, singing. The Christian hymn he let out was regarded as heartwarming, and beautiful. Fans found it fantastic that Justin’s extracurricular activities aren't being taken up by past reckless shenanigans. After being so transparent with his past concerning drugs and intense partying it is wholesome to see he has changed the scenery.

A Future Collaboration?

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A possible collaboration might be in the cards for the two legends. But, Justin doesn't appear to be as excited nor moved by music like he used to be. Fans actually have been suspicious of whether he just created this album due to obligatory ties to his label. If he does not want to continue a career in music then it would be wise to stop while you're ahead. We do not want a Purpose tour debacle part two, especially if you are a fan paying good money to go to these concerts.

Enjoying The Fruits Of His Labor

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What other profession would Bieber be productive at? A speech therapist? A Doctor, or maybe an Architect. With all of that money Justin should enjoy his life to the absolute fullest and do anything he has ever wanted to do. Financial freedom at the end of the day is something most people dream of and never achieve. For Bieber to have that and duly worked hard all his life for what he has, he definitely deserves to bask in the fruits of his labor.

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