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Has 'The Spark' Dimmed Between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West?

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By kenadijiba

Okay, let us set the scene like Sophia from “The Golden Girls” over how Kanye West practically rejected his very own wife in front of thousands at a basketball game. We all would hope that while at a game with our significant others, and the kiss cam strategically lands on you that the “love of your life” would proudly reciprocate the affection. Watching Kim look so unloved in response to Kanye smiling awkwardly was incredibly cringe filled. The lack of “sexual chemistry” between the two has been ever so present in the last few months.

The Lack Of Intimacy


If you have ever watched a video of Kanye West talking about Kim, it is as if he is discussing an art piece or a character. She doesn't seem like a real person to Kanye when he describes her. At times fans have wondered if he truly cares for her in an intimate way. Obviously, these two from the outside look and appear to be a nice yin and yang. Kanye dotes on her, gives her the ridiculous amount of attention she craves on the regular and Kim gives Kanye an ego boost by being his wife.


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The amount of superficiality that surrounds the Kardashian image and their day to day reality has to be exhausting for a guy like Kanye. With his innovative spirit and free flowing creative drive, how do he and Kim connect? Their histories vary immensely with Kanye growing up in Chicago, and Kim living a lavish lifestyle in Calabasas. Could they be bored with one another? It is a normal part of life after maintaining a long standing relationship to not be so excited about your partner like you were before.

Where Was The Chemistry To Start?

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But, where was the excitement to begin with? Honestly Kim looked more attracted to then boyfriend Reggie Bush who was a whole “snack”, then she ever was to Kanye. In interviews with her alone when asked about Kanye she seems kind of tired, and overworked by his questionable antics. When they first got married everyone was banking on it not withstanding for more than her 72 day record. Proudly she has beat that stereotype to death, but the end could be approaching.

Will They Call It Quits?

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In the event that this problematic pair called it quits the world might end. Truthfully there is a part of the population that views them as the ultimate couple goals. Instagram would definitely be filled with unnecessary photos from 2012 of the two, with overly dramatic captions like “I don't believe in love anymore”. With all that pressure on their backs this could be a huge reason as to why they won't allow “divorce” into their vocabulary, although Kim is probably thinking it.

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