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Gigi Hadid Defends Her Man Zayn Malik Against Controversial YouTuber Jake Paul

Gettyimages | Mike Coppola
By kenadijiba

The idea that America’s most unproblematic supermodel Gigi Hadid, and Youtube’s controversial super star Jake Paul have crossed paths in the Twitter-verse, is a signal the “simulation” is glitching. Piecing these two unbelievably contrasting characters together in any scene of events wouldn't make sense to any millennial who’s involved in the goings-on of pop culture. Thankfully, their exchange wasn't anything of a romantic nature. In fact what went on yesterday was the complete opposite of any fantasy Jake Paul might've had concerning the beauty.

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Zayn And Gigi Back At It Again

Giphy | ZAYN

More recently Gigi Hadid with a lowkey brilliance confirmed that her and ex-beau Zayn Malik are now once again an item. Their back and forth seemingly codependent relationship had a lot of fans in a tailspin over why they chose to keep this a revolving door going. The circumstances under how their love story began wasn’t a smooth path either. After Zayn had officially left One Direction he also called off the anticipated engagement to his longtime ex girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

Love Triangle

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With such animosity that went on to ensue between all parties, it had to be so unsettling for Perrie Edwards to not only lose her fiance, but also watch his unapologetic flaunting of his new relationship. When Zayn’s album “Mind of Mine” dropped in 2016 with singles like “Pillow Talk '' and '' It's You” hitting the airways, all songs listed felt like blunt digs at Edwards. It is a wonder with such “catty” antics coming from Zayn’s side, that Perrie never publicly returned the shade. Luckily, with an extensive amount of time that’s passed people have for the most past forgotten about this past debacle.

Defending Zayn Against Jake Paul

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Although Gigi and Zayn seem like a match made in heaven when it comes to hitting the genetic lottery, do their personalities match up? Since Zayn is known for being a personal soul with a lot of anxiety surrounding the very industry he is apart of, and Gigi on the contrary looks to adore her role in entertainment, could this be one reason as to why they continue to call it quits? Well, whatever their issues might be it is clear that Gigi is not allowing anyone to speak ill on her man's name.

Jake Paul's Attitude Put Into Check

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves

When Jake Paul, a self made vine star turned Youtube pioneer went onto Twitter to call out Zayn Malik for a not so sweet meeting, Gigi was not having it. Paul in his post said that Zayn told him to “fu** off” when he tried to converse with him, and in response Paul threw a jab back and told Zayn to go to his house alone per usual. Basically trying to shame Malik for his antisocial nature. Hadid went on to say that Zayn didn't desire to have any type of conversation with Paul because of his corny posse, and that naturally, Zayn would want to come home to her and his trusted friends. She then went on to call Paul “ugly” which had the internet spinning, and ultimately displayed her loyalty in a fierce way over Malik.

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