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Touching and Comedic Moments From Kobe Bryant Memorial Service

Gettyimages | VINCE BUCCI
By Mario Perez

For anyone who was present at the Staples Center today or following along on tv, the memorial service for Kobe Bryant at the Staples Center was certainly a very touching event all the way through. We saw some of the world's most beloved and gifted athletes of all time break down and fully embrace that human side that the public does not get to see all that often.

Amidst all of the grief and all of the sorrow, there were also moments that made people break into laughter. It is fitting because those moments are also a part of life. If you did not get a chance to follow the ceremony hear a couple of moments that may be able to bring a smile to your face.

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The Stars Came Out To Support Vanessa

Gettyimages | Harry How

As was mentioned before this was a ceremony where everyone involved choked up at least at one point or another. Whether it be on stage or after giving a speech. Even Jimmy Kimmel who happed to host the event got choked up near the end.

Without a doubt, the most touching moment came when Vanessa Bryant took the stage and just poured her heart out remembering her husband and daughter. Once she was back in her seat she was very close with Beyonce who did her best to try and keep her calm throughout the ceremony.

Micheal Jordan Talks About The Crying Meme

Gettyimages | Streeter Lecka

One of the most memorable moments of the entire event was when Michael Jordan took the stage to talk about Kobe. He shared a lot of stories about how competitive they both where. Also, how they were able to form a relationship that went literally above and beyond basketball.

The highlight of the speech though was when he mentioned that thanks to Kobe he was going to have to see the crying Jordan meme for another couple of years after breaking down on stage.

Shaq Shares The Iconic Kobe Moment

Gettyimages | AFP

For many years there was speculation in the media over what type of relationship Shaq and Kobe had. Since the tragedy, Shaq was a bit remorseful of the times that they were not on the best of terms. Still, at the memorial in typical Shaq fashion he was able to bring a smile to everyone's face when he shared a story about teammates complaining that Kobe would not pass the ball.

After confronting Kobe all that he could tell his teammates was to go and get the rebound.

The Legacy

Wikimedia |

At the end of his speech, Shaq promised that he was never going to teach Kobe's daughters his free throw technique something that once again had everyone laughing. This whole event was truly a celebration. Even though there were, of course, very sad moments those sparks of joy where really the ones that made the difference.

In that, ideally, those stories about Kobe not passing the ball and him calling Jordan at 2 in the morning are what most people are going to be able to remember him by.

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