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Joe Biden Needs to Lock South Carolina Down to Catch Bernie Sanders

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By Ben Robinson III

As the political debate rages on within the Democratic party many folks are still questioning which candidate deserves their vote. It can become all very confusing, especially when taking into consideration the fact that so many folks are left vying for our votes. It's a particularly important time in history as we try to whittle down the candidates into one that can unify the people. But there are still some very popular choices, like former Vice President Joe Biden and former Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

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Biden and Sanders have both long been front-runners in the minds of the people, though things may be taking a turn for both politicians. Rolling Stone reports;

Joe Biden found a bit of footing in Nevada, coming in a distant second and avoiding another embarrassment ahead of his do-or-die contest in South Carolina. Pete Buttigieg is second in the delegate chase, for now, but he performed poorly in Nevada, is likely to do worse in South Carolina, and has no obvious places to win on Super Tuesday.

Elizabeth Warren’s debate-stage evisceration of billionaire Mike Bloomberg has boosted her national poll numbers, but it did not translate to any delegates in Nevada. Amy Klobuchar turned in a miserable Nevada result, coming in sixth behind Tom Steyer, but is likely to make last stand in her home state of Minnesota on March 3rd.

There's still time for voters to tune in and listen to the candidates try their hardest to make their mark in the hearts of voters, however the popularity between Biden and Sanders continues to draw division.

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NBC News reports that one state Biden needs to pay close attention to is South Carolina as the months dwindle down to the upcoming election in November. And it's a state where he gets a great deal of support.

The good news for Biden is that NBC’s Craig Melvin is reporting that influential South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., will endorse the former vice president on Wednesday. This comes after Clyburn said on “Meet the Press” that he would be endorsing — but wouldn’t reveal that choice.


The bad news for Biden, however, is that he’s been losing ground in the Palmetto State: An online CBS/YouGov poll showed the former vice president at 28 percent in South Carolina — followed by Sanders at 23 percent, Tom Steyer at 18 percent, Elizabeth Warren at 12 percent and Pete Buttigieg at 10 percent.

Back in November, the same poll had it Biden 45 percent, Warren 17 percent and Sanders 15 percent.

Will Biden be able to continue on this path or will Sanders somehow turn it around?

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