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Jenelle Evans in the street

Jenelle Evans Sparks Pregnancy Comments In Sports Bra As David Eason Posts Bathtub Pic Of Her

Jenelle Evans/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Jenelle Evans is fueling pregnancy rumors. The former "Teen Mom 2" star is reported to be back with her ex David Eason just months after her October 31 divorce announcement – now it looks like the MTV face is seeing the internet question whether she's pregnant.

All this comes amid a fresh photo posted by David showing Jenelle sitting in a bathtub while on the phone.

Jenelle took to her Instgram stories recently to earn herself a little cash as an influencer. Her post for muscle-training equipment company StimulBody is now sparking suggestions that the mom of three is expecting her fourth.

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'Before I Saw The Title, I Thought This Was A Pregnant Cast Member'

Jenelle Evans in a sports bra
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle's video was a simple one. It showed the brunette posing in a revealing black sports bra flaunting both her cleavage and her stomach, with the star encouraging fans to purchase the muscle-stimulating machine she was wearing and promoting. Jenelle both spoke into the camera and showed off the machine being used.

A Reddit thread titled "Why Jenelle, Just Why" quickly emerged following the video, with many fans commenting on the star's midriff.

"Before i saw the title I thought this was a pregnant cast member," one user wrote.

'Is She Pregnant?'....'Looks Like It'

Jenelle Evans poses with her kids
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

The comments continued.

"Is she pregnant? Is Jenelle pregnant? " one user wrote, with another replying: "Looks like it.

"She looks pregnant to me," another chimed in.

"Maybe it’s the way she is standing but for liking “pretty fit” the curve of her stomach up so high and curve out about belly button just looks so much like early pregnancy to me. She claimed to get her tubes tied though right? I’m sure I’m way off here," another stated.

Jenelle also faced a fair amount of backlash over the weight-loss-geared promotion, but she isn't alone, there – earlier this year, Leah Messer had fans threatening to unfollow her following her promo for Flat Tummy App.

Jenelle – Tubes Tied?

Jenelle Evans poses in the street
Jenelle Evans/Instagram

April 2019 saw Jenelle speak out about having her tubes tied.

"I decided to do it because I had constant pain on my left side and I get extremely sick when pregnant. I'm also happy with the number of kids I have now," she stated.

More recently, Jenelle has been speaking out about where things stand with Eason – the two share Jenelle's youngest daughter Ensley. Last year, David shot and killed the family's dog Nugget after he alleged that the canine bit Ensley. The shooting saw both Jenelle and David fired from "Teen Mom 2."

Just Admitted She Has 'No Idea' What She's Doing With David Eason

Jenelle Evans, David Eason, and family
Gettyimages | Bruce Glikas

Earlier this month, Jenelle spoke to Teen Mom Talk Now. She stated that keeping her kids safe is her priority (having previously stated that she feared for her life near Eason). Jenelle has also dropped the restraining order she filed against Eason last year.

“My mind keeps going back and forth on what I should do. I do have an apartment in Tennessee, and I still do have my house here, so at the moment I’m kind of back and forth… I haven’t made an ultimate decision of what I’m doing,” she told the media outlet, adding:

"I have no idea what I’m doing.”

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