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Snoop Dogg Opens Up About His Comments Towards Gayle King On Recent Episode Of' Red Table Talk'

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By Imani Ford

For the first time, Snoop Dogg sits down at The Red Table Talk and discusses what he said about Gayle King. Shockingly this was the first time that Jada and Snoop Dogg have met. He first opens the interview by letting them know that he appreciates being invited. He expresses how much he appreciates a show like Red Table Talk because it shows 3 generations of a black family coming together to have honest and open discussions. Jada explains to the viewers that this video is not to take sides but to discuss the disrespect between black women and black men. You can tell there was nothing but love between them all.

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Jada Was Shocked

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Jada admitted that her heart dropped when she heard what snoop said to Gayle King. She felt like when he made that video towards King, he was taking something away from her, Willow and her mother. She felt like she couldn’t believe that he said those things to King. Snoop then admits that he was venting and letting out his frustration on Gayle. Recently, he has been dealing with a lot of loss in his life. He lost a grandson, Nipsy and Kobe Bryant.

The Original Interview

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When Snoop saw the interview involving Gayle and Lisa Leslie, it bothered him because he felt like Gayle disrespected Kobe and his legacy by asking insensitive questions. A few weeks ago, Gayle asked Lisa Leslie about the old accusations against Kobe and this triggered a lot of people. This caused fans and Snoop Dogg to feel like King was attacking black men. Snoop admits that when he made that video response, the story went viral. He then goes on to say that most people agreed with what he said.

Everyone Agreed

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Snoop admits that he had the whole world in an uproar but then explains that most people agreed with his sentiments. Fans felt like he said what they wanted to say. The only thing fans didn’t agree with was how Snoop said it. He knew that people were right so that’s why he apologized. Snoop then says that he felt like he had too much power and with his video, he was abusing it. After that realization, he decided to change his approach especially when his mom called.

Took Him Back To His Childhood

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Growing up in the church, Snoop's mom never said that he was wrong but she did say that she didn’t raise him to disrespect women. Her words took him back to feeling like a kid. She told him he is a representation of black people. After the talk with his mom, he apologized. He wanted to make a video apology just so Gayle knows that he is genuine in his apology. He wanted to meet her in private to give her an apology as well but she hasn’t responded yet.

Tyler Perry Called Him

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After the video went viral, other black men like Tyler Perry, Diddy and more powerful black men called him. They told him that they support him but they think that he could’ve handled it differently. Iyanla Vanzant sent a video to Snoop letting him know that she respects him for apologizing. Vanzant then goes on to say that disrespect between the black communities is nothing new and from this point on, we need to grow and change the way we speak to one another.

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